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By Jenny on 2016-09-20 posted

It is the dream that wake you up every day instead of the clock. The most two forbidding words in the world are persistence and earnest. Having experienced in the foreign trade industry, ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-15 posted

Be positive, active, kind-hearted and patient are important in the foreign trade business.  In any industry, the human mind is the most important. Good attitude is half of success. In foreign trade, good attitude can make you good mood every day. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-13 posted

When talking about the problems in the foreign trade, I can tell a lot. These problems are very important in the practical foreign trade business. For the following problems you may not solve temporarily, but sometimes when see from other point of view, the problem will be different. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-07 posted

In the recent few weeks, many foreign counterparts and our fans find it the Google services can not be used in the country and many informations can not be searched on the internet. Part of Google's service being shielded mainly because of the HTTPS search service and Google login service. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-06 posted

Actually, it is not difficult to deal with the foreign customers. There are three key words that we need to remember: carefulness, diligence and innovation. It may be a standing dish but have you done it perfectly? Are you 2:1 with the rival or 3:0? ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-05 posted

When the Internet is not widely used, the export sales contact the customer with telephone and fax. Nowaday, EMAIL, instant messaging tools has brought great convenience to foreign trade business. However, many of the old foreign trade salesman think that the words can not express the full feelings like the phone call. So to establish a good relation with customer, the telephone is necessary. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-04 posted

The twentieth World Cup will be held in Brazil from June 12th, 2014 to July 13th and the related souvenirs have been sold several months before. I love them very much. Of course, Chinese foreign trade businessmen will not miss this great opportunity. Various team clothes, cheering tools, flag, mascot dolls, tools and small souvenirs have appeared in major foreign trade business platform. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-02 posted

Recently, the global leading Risk Analytics Maplecroft announced the mid-year review of the country that face the most global conflict and political violence risk. It is reported that in the recently 6 months, the risk of instability of 48 countries in the world is increasing rapidly. Now, let's see the countries that are not suitable for foreign trade business? ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2016-09-01 posted

For the newcomers, they may occur many questions such as the treatment of salesman, the industry prospect, workplace skills, working content and so on. Of course, some questions have been answered by the HR in the interview, When you really get into the foreign trade industry, it is recommended that you should understand the following foreign trade problems. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-08-29 posted

Now in addition to traditional e-mail and exhibition, the other way to develop new customer is some search engines, while the accuracy is not good and it is more difficult to do customer maintenance. I asked a few friends and found that many peopl ...Continue Reading