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By Jenny on 2017-04-04 posted

The suppliers who have lots of orders must have concrete positioning on market and customers with equivalent strategies of product development and market exploitation. Therefore, when suppliers step into unfamiliar markets, they'd better do it af ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-22 posted

Sometime customers keep asking us problems about products but they don’t show any intention to place orders. We can't figure out how to express our thoughts to them.If you encounter such problems, you might have a look at methods below as well.1. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-21 posted

People who smatter always have some misunderstandings. For example, they think people who work in broadcasting station with good voices are mostly ugly. People who work in beauty salon have perfect skin. For foreign trade, there are misunderstandings ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-20 posted

You must remember that on last year's November, Indian government declared that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 rupees par value of the currency were abolished which led to the shortage of money. The whole market was paralysed and the goods overstocked.After ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-09 posted

Last year, the problem of environment protection was not settled and it got worse because of long-term shortage of raw materials. Many of you are busy coping with hurried customer. It seems that no matter how you explain, you are not understood.Some ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-07 posted

For people who are new in foreign trade, they will be very excited when they find that customer want to place an order because they thought the deal would be closed. However, you are too naive. Therefore, if you run into situations below, you may hav ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-04 posted

In the face of various kinds of customers, how to cope with them appropriately?I'm going to show you how: 1.Customers who are chatterersCustomers who like to talk, are always egocentric because they criticise and comment on others. Or they j ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-22 posted

From Chinese Spring Festival to the past Lantern Festival and western Valentine's day, we can see that there are lots of festivals! Every time the festivals come, most of you will receive hundreds of wishes or messages from Wechat. So most of the ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-02-21 posted

After beginning the online marketing, we will constantly receive various emails.Among these emails:Should I reply in order? But sometimes I can't m ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-05 posted

Supposing a customer wants to visit our factory, this is a good opportunity to get orders with our well-preparations on the spot. But it is common that no orders on the spot, so, we need to get key information.Before that, what ...Continue Reading