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By Jenny on 2017-04-04 posted

Apart from Facebook, lots of people use Twitter. However, Twitter updates information by information flow. Many people manage to develop customers but they don't know how to do that. Among those information flow, how can we find our target c ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-02-21 posted

After beginning the online marketing, we will constantly receive various emails.Among these emails:Should I reply in order? But sometimes I can't m ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-05 posted

As to foreign traders, the most important parts are platform and media. You can never expand your business if impose restrictions on fixed sales channels. Some ˂a ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-05 posted

With the sharply decrease of the international  call fee and the popularization of the telephone marketing in China, I think that in the near future, phone marketing will become one of the main export marketing for Chinese exporter, just like the network marketing being the major marketing tool for China's medium-sized export enterprises. ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2016-09-01 posted

In the process of marketing, visiting customer is the most basic daily work: you need to visit customers when doing market research, when doing the new products promotion, when making sales promotion and even when doing customer maintenance.˂p ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2016-09-01 posted

With the increase of China's aquatic product exports, the foreign countries repeatedly set up the technical barriers. So how to avoid the risk? Now,I will tell some skills for the majority of aquatic products export enterprises.˂st ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-08-30 posted

1. Three principles to select the B2B platform - (1). Flow. Of course, it is based on the rich content of the platform. (2). Platform optimization. When search your product with your product keyword, if your products information can list on the to ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-08-24 posted

The Spring Festive holiday is coming.Do not leave your work alone in the holiday. Because a successful foreign trade salesman is good at using the holiday for marketing.1. Inform your old customersSend your ho ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-08-24 posted

First, how to improve the feasibility of a marketing plan.Making a marketing plans should be placed in the most important position in the sales of enterprise. It should follow two principles: it can not only meet the busine ...Continue Reading