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By Jenny on 2017-04-04 posted

The suppliers who have lots of orders must have concrete positioning on market and customers with equivalent strategies of product development and market exploitation. Therefore, when suppliers step into unfamiliar markets, they'd better do it af ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-20 posted

For the most part, when you start business with a new customers for the first time, they will ask you some questions about the products to see if you are a qualified supplier and whether you are trustworthy or not.Question: Can you tell me how many d ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-02-15 posted

For people who are new in foreign trade, most of you don't know about various kinds of unwritten rules therefore you get trapped by accident. I hope you can penetrate these after read ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-05 posted

Supposing a customer wants to visit our factory, this is a good opportunity to get orders with our well-preparations on the spot. But it is common that no orders on the spot, so, we need to get key information.Before that, what ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-11 posted

There is no unprovoked love in the world nor the unprovoked trade and salary. Many foreign trade people who just enter the foreign trade industry for one or two years will think themselves still not professional and even don't have a clear career plan. Many people may have the same feelings. At the beginning, they just want to find a job but now, they are more confused. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-08 posted

In foreign trade, the E-Mail is the main channel to contact with customers frequently, while the E-Mail can be  subdivided into the development letter, inquiry-mail, sample mail, etc ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-06 posted

Most of the time, when we quote to a customer, he will say it too high or he will give us a target price which is far more different from us. Why?Is it this just the pure bargain without any other reason? Yes. Before we bargain, we should exclude some certain factors, control this negotiation. ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2016-09-01 posted

For the newcomers, they may occur many questions such as the treatment of salesman, the industry prospect, workplace skills, working content and so on. Of course, some questions have been answered by the HR in the interview, When you really get into the foreign trade industry, it is recommended that you should understand the following foreign trade problems. ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2016-09-01 posted

In the past,  the buyers were very easy to please because they just wanted  a good product with good quality and price and delivery on time. But in the current fierce competition, the buyers have more changes and demand. Then what kind of changes?  Now, let me show you the new purchase trend of the buyers. ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2016-09-01 posted

As a manufacturer, you must have the buyers to keep the factory run. So you have to cope with the "customer" or "potential customers" one by one. You need the telephone, fax, E-mail, quotation, sending pictures, brochures, samples and even a full set of packaging information of the composition of raw materials and place of origin to your customers. ...Continue Reading