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By Jenny on 2017-04-04 posted

When there is an exhibition, how can we inform customers and write a proper invitation letter to them?5 procedures to invite customers to take part in an exhibition:1.We can invite them and tell them the specific address of the exhibition half month ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-04 posted

Autumn is a harvest season because the seeds we sow in spring will be ripe and we will reap them. But for the foreign trade businessmen, it is just another key time to sow the seeds. When ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-04 posted

The Canton fair is coming and I can feel that many of you are very nervous and anxious! Don't be ruffle! I have some tricks to help you win cu ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-04 posted

Although today is the last day of the National Day holiday, I find that many foreign traders have come back to work in advance. I hope the long vacation doesn' ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-04 posted

I believe that international trade sales who have attended Canton Fair know that customers in Canton Fair are those ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-04 posted

I have participated in many sessions of Canton Fair from which I have learnt several experiences. Perhaps most of you have known these experiences, but there is one point that ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-04 posted

For most of foreign trade businessmen, Canton Fair is a big and royal " blind date". There are buyers from different countries all over the world in the fair, if you can impress your customers deeply in the first sight, it can increase t ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-11 posted

The average land area of Australians is one of the most extensive countries in the world. It has a variety of natural landscapes, including tropical rain forests, the desert known as the "red center" and so on. Both Australia and the United States own the most world natural heritage and the economic success is also the world's highly developed. Australia is the world's 12th largest economy with per capita GDP ranking fifth in the world and it is listed as the world's highest credit country by the Credit Suisse Group. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-08 posted

Many foreign trademen know that the exhibition is where we can contact the customer most directly. Such kind of chance can push the cooperation in a large degree. Therefore, many foreign trade companies pay great attention to in the exhibition performance. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-03 posted

The International Funkausstellumg Berlin(IFA Berlin) was inaugurated on September 2nd, the International Customer Electronics Show will last for six days. But the most important thing is the content, but not the time. Because as one of the most influential trade show of audio-video and CE products in today's world , every manufacturer wants to present new products on it . ...Continue Reading