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By Jenny on 2017-03-13 posted

We usually get carried away because of some high quality enquiries and make some mistakes that may keep you away from large orders and key customers.1.Reply too hastilyMany foreign traders find it very happy to receive enquiries and try to reply soon ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-04 posted

Although today is the last day of the National Day holiday, I find that many foreign traders have come back to work in advance. I hope the long vacation doesn' ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-11 posted

We need to do thing targeted. Only if we can truly understand the customer's purchasing habits can we do well in the sales process. I also think highly of the emerging market.Now,let's see their purchasing habits so that we can be more smoothly in the negotiation. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-09 posted

Foreign trademen know that no mater which payment terms, there exist the risk of chargeback. For example, Western Union telegraphic transfer will refuse the payment, buyer in paypal will apply for refund and the credit cards can apply dishonor etc. Each chargeback is different in operation. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-08 posted

Foreign friends all know that due to the differences in cultural background, national quality and consumer habits, there is an inevitable topic of foreign trade business which is to understand the different habits of customers in different countries. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-02 posted

From the first contact, the buyers start to observe the suppliers. A carelessly detail may decide whether the order succeed or not. What is the most nasty supplier? How to know the buyers' consume psychology thoroughly to gain the buyers favor ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-02 posted

When we reply the buyers, we often think about such a question, that is what kind of email title can attract the attention of buyers. Get the good first impression and stimulate buyer's interest, then you can win the reply. The buyer has to read many emails. A concise and striking title can undoubtedly promote buyer's reading and reply. ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2016-09-01 posted

As a salesman, we should have firm faith and persistent toughness. But sometimes, the more the hope, the more the disappointment. It is easy to have the backward-looking emotion after suffering repeated defeats. Some theories are workable in a certain period or on a specific object while it is not in practice, which has led to the misunderstanding. Do you know what is error thoughts? ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2016-09-01 posted

In the past,  the buyers were very easy to please because they just wanted  a good product with good quality and price and delivery on time. But in the current fierce competition, the buyers have more changes and demand. Then what kind of changes?  Now, let me show you the new purchase trend of the buyers. ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2016-09-01 posted

Dear,do you know the customs data?If you want to understand competitors, understand the buyers data and market conditions, customs data are good evidence.Here,I will list all the process of finding customers for using custom data. ...Continue Reading