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By Jenny on 2017-03-03 posted

For foreign trade businessmen, they are very familiar with the fair for having heard it many times, and it's also common for them to attend the fair. But how to plan a fair, especially an excellent fair.? Now, I will give you some helpful tips fo ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-03 posted

Some people always say that they are inefficient and don't know what to do when on duty. Previously I said something about it and today I conclude some integrated tips. Of course, differences exist among everyone's schedules so you can make a ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-03 posted

There are many festivals in a year which are the good time for us to give the presents. Of course, we can't send the gifts without destination because there are customers which are not worth it.Then how to get along well with customers the same t ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-22 posted

From Chinese Spring Festival to the past Lantern Festival and western Valentine's day, we can see that there are lots of festivals! Every time the festivals come, most of you will receive hundreds of wishes or messages from Wechat. So most of the ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-02-20 posted

An invoice is not only the legal proof of both sides of a business, but also the gist of customs clearance and ratepaying. What's more, it is the importers' gist of receiving goods, keeping amount, payment on account of loan and customs cl ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-02-16 posted

As a salesman, it is our main job to make proper recommendation. About recommendation, every sales knows to do that. However, can you really catch customers' eyes and arouse their interest? It is very important so I'm going to share you wi ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-02-15 posted

For people who are new in foreign trade, most of you don't know about various kinds of unwritten rules therefore you get trapped by accident. I hope you can penetrate these after read ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-02-13 posted

There are some difference among people around the world when they shop online and pay. Let's see these difference and we will know how to choose the way of payment. It is also very important for online sales websites whose targets are global m ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-02-13 posted

Sometimes we are not brave enough to say something to customers because we are afraid that it will offend customers but it's not. Some powerful words can make customers more confident on our products. 1.In this market, no lo ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-02-13 posted

Transshipment Port Code is a kind of code which is used to keep commodities from mistakenly delivering to other ports. Last year, some of my friends asked ...Continue Reading