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By Jenny on 2017-04-04 posted

The suppliers who have lots of orders must have concrete positioning on market and customers with equivalent strategies of product development and market exploitation. Therefore, when suppliers step into unfamiliar markets, they'd better do it af ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-22 posted

Sometime customers keep asking us problems about products but they don’t show any intention to place orders. We can't figure out how to express our thoughts to them.If you encounter such problems, you might have a look at methods below as well.1. ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-20 posted

For the most part, when you start business with a new customers for the first time, they will ask you some questions about the products to see if you are a qualified supplier and whether you are trustworthy or not.Question: Can you tell me how many d ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-20 posted

You must remember that on last year's November, Indian government declared that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 rupees par value of the currency were abolished which led to the shortage of money. The whole market was paralysed and the goods overstocked.After ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-12 posted

1.Will bank accept document that dates prior to the issuance date of L/C? If yes, what's the precondition?Yes. L/C don't prohibit document that dates prior to the issuance date of L/C. 2.At what time will bank think "clean on board& ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-03-12 posted

As a foreign trader, it is very terrified to confront cheater. It's too late when we get cheated so it's better to take preventive measures. 1.Fraud on settlement Many lawless merchants delay time of settlement using excuses that it ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-24 posted

Recently, many people asked me how to write a development letter to attract customers? Lots of letters are sent back or get no reply.Such behaviour will dampen our enthusiasm. Just imagine that you've been sitting in front of computer for 12 hour ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2017-02-21 posted

After beginning the online marketing, we will constantly receive various emails.Among these emails:Should I reply in order? But sometimes I can't m ...Continue Reading

By Jack on 2017-02-06 posted

Sale technique reflects your sale capacity and it is a kind of skills. As the saying goes, knowing the enemy and yourself you can fight a hundred battles and win them all. When communicating with customers, our ˂a href="http://www.chinatradeblog.c ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-20 posted

Foreign trade cycle: sending email, inquiry, counteroffer every day again and again. As a foreign trade newcomer, how can we send development letter to attract customers?Before i already told the tips for reply,now we share again. ...Continue Reading