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By Jack on 2016-12-09 posted

With the promotion both by rapid development of internet industry and increasing smartphone users, China will replace UK and Japan to be the world's second largest mobile advertising market.Reported by South China Morning Post in HK, acco ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-09-13 posted

For any one who enter the foreign trade industry, the first thing is to learn to develop customers. It is a gradual process which involves communication, negotiation skills, attitude, interest and cooperation etc. As a foreign trade salesman, how to get close to the foreign customers? ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-08-26 posted

In the foreign trade business, it is difficult to get the reply after sending out an email which has made many salesmen feel depressed. And as a freshman of foreign sales, how to write a ...Continue Reading

By Jenny on 2016-08-24 posted

As one of the world's major economies, with the perfect market condition, Europe has enormous potential and attraction which has become the apple of many foreign trade companies' ...Continue Reading