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Win the trust from first call

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-09-05 09:36:13

With the sharply decrease of the international  call fee and the popularization of the telephone marketing in China, I think that in the near future, phone marketing will become one of the main export marketing for Chinese exporter, just like the network marketing being the major marketing tool for China's medium-sized export enterprises.

Of course,  telephone marketing plays a different role in export marketing and domestic marketing. For example, in the export marketing, telephone is used to contact with customers and cause customer's attention while in the domestic marketing, phone call is used to gain the chance of visiting the customer. Then in the export marketing, how to get customer's trust in the first phone call? I think there are five points that we need to know.

1.The way we speak
It means whether the sound of the export sales is professional. When the customer know little about the sales professional ability, he will judge whether the sales is professional and easy to communicate through the way he talks including the voice, tone, speed etc. if he can not understand what the sales means, he will be  impatient or hang up the phone. So it would be better for the sales to train the speaking voice, tone and speed.

2. The things you say
It means whether product and company information the salesman describes is sufficiently clear and concise to understand, and whether it can touch the customers. If the salesman mainly finishes the orders by telephone, he will need to have quite professional ability including adequate understanding of product knowledge, knowledge of industry and competitors.

Because customers always want to deal with the one who is very familiar with their industry so that they can obtain some valuable information for decision making but not the one who can just introduce a company. In this case, the salesperson can use his professional ability to establish a trust relationship with clients on the phone and let the customers admire you from their heart. And then the customer relationship will be naturally established.

3. Whether you are sincere.
Candid and sincere salesman can often win the trust of customers in the phone. Candidness is to speak frankly and sincerely with customers. For example, the salesman must face up to the relative shortage of his product, and discuss with the customer honestly but not just boast it perfectly and even deceive the customer. It is very unfavorable to the establishment of a trust relationship. Sincere is to think from the customer's point of view and help the customer sincerely. Who would refuse someone that help? 

4. Whether you are reliable.
To fulfill your promise is a symbol of reliability and it is the most important symbol. Talk will not avail without work. Salesman must keep his word and fulfill it on time. Of course, you can judge whether a person is reliable or not from the voice. For example, muttering and mumbling and the secretive talk will make customers distrust.

5. Whether you are committed to a long-term relationship.
Salesman hopes to establish a trust relationship with the customer in the shortest time. But sometimes customers have their own habits and way of thinking which is not easy to change. For some customers, they must understand, like and trust the process then they will establish the trust relationship. Those who are committed to building long-term relationships through phone call are more likely to win the trust of customers.

The salesman can improve their phone marketing level from the above five aspects which will increase customer's trust. But it differs from man to man because each customer's personality and hobbies are different, so we should be flexible to distinguish.


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