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Trading Rookie Made Silly Mistakes

Posted by: Jack | 2016-12-15 16:47:02

How significant is price to an order? I believe that every salesman understands the answer. The price change of product is common due to economic and political factors. A fan told me that she made two silly mistakes recently and I would like to share with you:

A customer who contacted with me for long time came to our company. Because Susana wanted to get an order, she told the price to him without reassuring it because she got the price not long ago. She did not expect that the price should be higher than before for the adjustment of documents expenses. At that time the customer was going to make an order. He would conceal the order if informed the price was higher. Susana's boss gave her a favor that is to change into a less-well component when she asked for help. Suddenly, Susana thought of her second mistake when the problem supposed to be solved. That was the customer took the sample after his continuously requirement because Susana did not stand firm. She did not tell the differences of the price of that better opponent which was taken away. Generally, the products should be the same as the model taken by customers because it was regarded as a model. No component can be changed. You may imagine what happened next……

I want to say to Susana for her boss: "Come here please, I won't blame you to dead. Aha."

This is a silly mistake but not a technical mistake. You are fresh so you need to follow the idea of your company. How can you grow if you disobey the rule and make decision by yourself?

Whether profit of an order or not depends on quotation. Therefore, the quotation deadline, port of shipment, payment terms and all information about products should be listed on quotation preventing the price change due to exchange rate changes or exploiting advantage of customers with loss. (PS: add quotation deadline can restrain the order in proper degree). Thus, you should pay much attention to quotation which is significant. When you are fresh, all the prices should be audited by your superior.

Second, you can minimize the errors if remember the order and rule, write down every issue clearly confirming to costumers, file an application when special things happened and be careful.

Not only training a talent but also developing customers are difficult. So, just love and cherish in this company.

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