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The Year Work on Foreign Trade

Posted by: Jack | 2017-01-03 18:10:00

My friends working on foreign trade plan and prepare for the coming year. Some friends complain the hardship and poverty, the no good developing stage restraining our skills, likewise, get few orders. So they feel too tired and even want to change a new job or sale more popular products. If you have the same feeling, please read this inspiring story:

I found the first PI I sent when sorted out information of customers and it was a small order of a trading company which needed to be shipped out in several times separately. So to speak, I started my foreign trading career since entered this company as a naïve resulted in everything in chaos. I had no idea how to communicate with customers clearly about orders so I faced the blame and complaint for a long time. Nevertheless, delighted and excited I still was because I had chance to work on foreign trade business although I always was blamed and got small orders. It approved that I was skillful to do it well and encouraged me to continuously do it well with accurate courage and confidence.

Just one year since I touched foreign trade business but I just have 7 or 8 customers signed up and my sales performance was far behind the sales requirements of company. In spite of not successful, I can tell myself proudly that I am not a loser. Few customers as there are, every of them has witnessed my endeavor and perseverance. Customers will be touched as well trust and support you for your concern and insistence.

By this time, I have made progress on sale and communication skills as well as known more principles: Do not just concentrate on current profit or gain and loss as you get what you put in. All difficulties will be conquered as long as you insist and improve yourself, never give up what you want and know where you are going.

Being insistent on foreign trade, isn't it?

I like this sentence in the story: "All difficulties will be conquered as long as you know where you are going."

How about you? How is your business in 2014? Never rest on sign. Only facing your failure let you become mature. There are same results of not progress if you never change yourself or attitude though change products or company. Problems would never be solved when you evade.

I have a habit of making a summary that what is good and what is bad so that I can make next order goes more smoothly, moreover, I can be closer to my goal and clearly aware of the track of my order. Certainly you may get better motivation if encourage yourself when doing well. My friends, let's take effort in 2017!

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