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The useful customs data

Posted by: Jack | 2016-09-01 10:46:47

Dear,do you know the customs data?If you want to understand competitors, understand the buyers data and market conditions, customs data are good evidence.

Here,I will list all the process of finding customers for using custom data.

1. Customs data can help you quickly find the buyer
The customs bill of lading is the trading proof of buyers and sellers, updating every month, which is not only guarantee the truth, veracity and timeliness of the buyer information, but they are also the currently active buyers; At the same time, through the query and analysis of the transaction records, you can clearly know the buyers’ purchasing products and strength so as to find the most suitable suppliers for their own, focusing on development which can get twice the result with half the effort.

2. Customs data can take the buyers purchasing rule
Through tracking and analysis of the buyer transaction records, you can find the relationship between the product quantity, the delivery time and the replenishment time, finding buyers purchasing patterns. You can recommend the company products to your buyer at the best time to increase the hit ratio.

3.Customs data can improve the existing buyers' loyalty
Through tracking and analysis of the existing customer transaction records, you can know your customer's supplier of the same kind of product. Through compare and analyze your competitor, you can find the breakthrough point and further consolidate the customer relationship, improving customer value. On the other hand, according to the order changes, you can grasp the buyers tendency in advance, improving or adjusting the existing market strategy and avoiding the risk.

4. Customs data can save the customers that have lost or will lose.
Through the customer transaction records and competitor analysis, you can find the buyers' concerns and find the problems of your own products, delivery and communication and targeted improve and adjust to better communicate with the buyer and regain the customer's approval.

5. Customs data can monitor the competitor.
Through tracking the buyer transaction records, you can find out the similar products of other suppliers and its share in the trade. At the same time, you can track the full trading record of your competitor and master his buyer information and transaction records. What's more, you can know more about your competitors through analyzing their background and business operation conditions and let yourself in a good position in the competition.

6.Customs data can help receive the customers from the collapsed competitors.
Through the rival's trading records tracking, you can grasp the buyers' information and procurement rules, and judge the operating conditions of the competitors. Once the competitors fail, you can be able to react immediately to their customers and get the maximum benefit.

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