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The skills for foreign trader

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-09-11 10:30:40

There is no unprovoked love in the world nor the unprovoked trade and salary. Many foreign trade people who just enter the foreign trade industry for one or two years will think themselves still not professional and even don't have a clear career plan. Many people may have the same feelings. At the beginning, they just want to find a job but now, they are more confused. 

No matter you are just looking for the job or you have entered the foreign trade industry for one or two years, I want to tell you my experience of these five years foreign trade, hoping more peers can communicate together.

Stability: Stable

Any industry, as long as there is competition, there exists the need for this industry and there is the feasibility of trade. Do not complain about your product or the market. If the product is not easy to do and your peers still insist, you should investigate your industry and there still exists the scale enterprises. "There is product that can not be sold out." If the company environment is good, then stick to it and do not think of seeking another one and do not thing other is better because if you do not master the foreign trade skills, no matter which industry you are in, you still can not get the good job. Learn your product seriously and be open-minded and ask the experienced foreign trade people for help, what's more, communicate with your customer sincerely to let yourself grow stably.

Accuracy: Preparation and accuracy

We should think about: Are you ready? When facing the different languages and different cultures, how to let other people believe you and your products? How to make them place the order to you? Whether your product knowledge is complete or whether your communication ability is good? Do you have a sense of service or do you have the systematic analysis capabilities?

When the customer asks you questions, are you ready to give the customer an accurate quotation? You will have several customers, if they call you suddenly, can you quickly respond his situation accurately? When confront with an emergency situation, can you make timely and accurate response?

If yes, then congratulations, you will be getting better and better in the field of foreign trade; if not, then ease down. Do not wait for the instant success. If you do not strengthen your foreign trade ability, you will only miss the opportunities.

Harsh: be harsh on your own and factory.

As a foreign trademan, jet lag and customer contact is common. If you have the important customer and order to follow, you can work overtime in customer's working time. If will be fine to stay up night for a few days to get a qualified customer. But do not stay up all night for long time because the health is the most important. Special circumstance should be treated specially. Foreign trade people should pay attention to timeliness. Now the phone is very convenient. The tools like MSN, SKYPE, QQ, EMAIL, etc., can set in your phone. When you need to buy something, and when there is a problem of the goods received, you also want to get the supplier's immediately reply.

When you get the order and receive the payment, you should turn to the factory. For the quality and delivery, it is understandable to be a little harsh.

Foreign trademen, quickly enter the working state!

Newcomers, do not think about the things in campus. It has become the beautiful memories. 

The foreign trademen with one or two years experience do not be too conceited because you still have a lot of things to learn. 

The bosses pay you salary and it is the output. Everyone has a bottom line, so maximize your initiative.

Be The modest, rigorous and lively, and you will enjoy it!


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