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The previous Canton fair

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The 115th Canton Fair is coming.For those fairs, what do you want to say to me? Let us reply the "micro-community" to talk about it together:

China Import and Export Fair Canton Fair refers to Canton Fair which was founded in the spring of 1957, holding twice in Guangzhou in spring and autumn. So far,the Canton Fair has more than 50 years of history, which is the comprehensive international fair with the longest history, highest level, largest and most complete varieties with the most customers and the best dealing effects. It accounts a quarter of the total turnover of China's total exports in general trade. Since the 101th Canton Fair in the April 2007, Canton fair renamed from Chinese Export Commodities Fair to the China Import and Export Fair, which changes export platform from single platform to bi-directional import and export trading platform.   

China Import and Export Fair is made of 48 trading delegations, thousands foreign trade companies with good credit and strength, manufacturers, research institutes, foreign investment /owned enterprises and private exhibition.  

The trade way of China Import and Export Fair Trade is full of flexibility. In addition to the traditional way that make a deal after checking the sample, there is online fair. Canton fair is mainly about the export trade but also has import trade. It also has various forms of economic and technological cooperation and exchanges, commodity inspection,insurance, transportation, advertising, consulting and other business activities. Businessmen from around the world are gathering in Guangzhou, exchanging business information and developing friendship. 

Sponsor:People's Government of Guangdong Province of People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce    

Organizer: China Foreign Trade Center;  

Organization: "China Import and Export Fair leadership committee" is made by the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce, People's Government of GuangDong Province, Guangzhou City People's Government leaders, heads of trade groups, curator of the exhibition hall and leaders of relevant departments.

Address: No.382 Yuejiangzhong Road Pazhou Haizhu District of Guangzhou City International Exhibition Center, Chinese Import and Export Commodities Fair.

Launch time in spring: April 15 to May 5 each year

Launch time in Autumn: October 15 to November 4 each year

Exhibition scope: It has three phases with different range 

Phase I: large-scale machinery and equipment, small machinery, bicycles, motorcycles, auto parts, chemical products, hardware, tools, vehicles (Outdoor), Construction Machinery (Outdoor), household appliances, consumer electronics, electrical and electronic products, computers and communication products, lighting products, construction and decoration materials, sanitary equipment, International pavilion

Phase II: kitchenware, household ceramics, technical ceramics, home decoration, glass crafts, furniture, weaving, Rattan and Iron Arts, garden products, stone products (outdoor), household supplies, personal care appliances, bathroom supplies, watches and clocks glasses, toys, gifts and premiums, holiday items, native products.(new in 109th). 

Phase III: men and women, children clothing, lingerie, sportswear and casual wear, furs and leather, costume jewellery and accessories, home textiles, textile raw fabrics, carpets and tapestries, food, medicine and health products, medical equipment, consumable items, dressings, sports and leisure goods, office stationery, shoes, bags.

From April 25, 1957,the opening of the first session of the Chinese Export Commodities Fair till now, Canton fair is going through 50 years of history. In the 50 years, what has happened in the fair not only witness China's economic development, but also the changes of Chinese society.

Why temporarily not take back the sovereignty over Hong Kong

October 14, 1949, the PLA liberated Guangzhou and when went to Shenzhen, they did not continue go across the Shenzhen River. The records show that in order to break the US-led Western capitalist camp comprehensive blockade to the new China, Hong Kong retained the "international channels" status and Chairman Mao made a strategic decision that did not to take back the sovereignty over Hong Kong temporarily.

In the 1952-1957, the first five-year plan began. The industrialization construction urgently needed a lot of construction materials. rubber, fertilizers, steel, machinery and even asphalt needed to be imported from abroad. But it was difficult to obtain the foreign exchange due to the blockade of the West.

At this time, the South China commodity exchange conference had been held in Guangzhou for two years. The overseas Chinese returned from Hong Kong and Macao, bought the Mainland sweet potatoes, herbs and ceramics with more than millions dollars. These situations attracted the attention of a man named Yan Yijun.

At that time, Yan Yijun was the Guangzhou commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, serving as director of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Foreign Trade. In his lifetime he wrote that "At the time I thought, since the small conference is good, why not hold a big one? Gether all the foreign trade company in every industry in a fair and invite the foreign investors to make a communication face to face so as to enhance the overall effects to attract more foreign exchange to the country and support nation-building."

Get the consent of Tao Zhu, the chairman of Guangdong Provincial Party Secretary, in early June 1956, Yan Yijun requested instructions from the Foreign Ministry by individuals through the telegraph that to hold a national exhibition of export commodities exchange in Guangzhou. Subsequently, the telegram was sent to Premier Zhou Enlai. In September, the State Council agreed this proposal and notified every ministry to support.

On April 25, 1957, the first session of the Chinese Export Commodities Fair in Guangzhou held in Sino-Soviet Friendship Building. "Although the first Fair only has 1223 exhibitors and $ 17.54 million turnover, it already has considerable political and economic sense." Yan Yijun lifetime recalled.

holding an important position to break the blockade and earn the foreign currency, the canton fair emerged. It created the unique foreign trade status in Guangzhou.

Foreign investors bring a "Little Red Book" to participate in the transaction

Because of significant economic and political, the State leaders gave great attention on it. Premier Zhou Enlai made inspections in person. Some people recalled that he checked the product carefully and told people that Canton Fair not only need to develop the foreign trade but also to show our industrial and agricultural products, promoting the superiority of socialism.

In October 15, 1966, it was the opening of the 20th session of the Canton Fair. According to the file, there was a Chairman Mao’s portrait hanging in the most outstanding place in the hall with 445 pieces photos and 2673 pieces quotation cards and placards. During the conference, the fair also provided the "Quotations from Chairman Mao", "Selected Works of Mao Zedong" and Chairman Mao badges. The western people who took part in the fair will have a  "Little Red Book" which like the "Quotations from Chairman Mao" in hand and the name was "the secret of doing business with Chinese." It described the Fair's "tips" in details: Before arrived in Guangzhou, check whether you have a Chairman Mao badge in chest and the "Quotations from Chairman Mao" in briefcase. After arrived at the hotel, try to meet the person who is in charge of the fair or your partner first but not start talking about business at once or have a meal together. But to express your willing to watch a model opera, saying your admiration of the "Red Lantern" and other drama.

No interruption during SARS

During the SARS outbreaking in the 93rd Fair,it invested the most the manpower, material and financial resources. To express China’s determination of getting through the difficulties with the exhibitors. The Foreign Trade Center reduced 6000RMB of the booth fee and other fee, total 97 million yuan.

The Italian worked in Europe's largest artware import and export company, Marco had took part in 30 times Canton Fair.During the SARS period, it almost made him a well-known "celebrity" in Italy. Guangzhou is one of the SARS birthplace and the disease was known for very horrible. All the friends tried to persuade him not to go, but he insisted. Guangzhou TV interviewed this brave buyer. When he returned Italy, the Italian television also interviewed him. At that time, SARS was a nightmare in the eyes of the Italian. In their imagination, people will be infected and died. Marco used his own experience to explain that: SARS is actually not so terrible.

Although it was affected by the epidemic and the number of merchants and export transactions significantly decreased, the Fair did not interrupt, and once again created great achiechememt each year.

For over ten years, Marco found that there were more and more Italian businessmen participating in the Fair. Now, he can hear the familiar Italian almost in every booth. According to the statistics, in the successive fairs, Italy buyers in European area had the largest amount.

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