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The most special categories in foreign trade

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-09-03 12:58:43

Foreign trade dealers export products tend to have the advantage of "Made in China", such as the standardized electronic product and related accessories and cheap clothing accessories etc. However, in addition to these familiar goods, there are also some special products sold well overseas, bringing a lot of benefits for Chinese businessmen. At the same time, these products are also the field that the major foreign trade e-commerce platforms and most proprietary B2C will set foot in. Accordingly, I have summarized 5 most special categories and its market situation of foreign trade e-commerce.

First, wig. There will be one buy from China among every four Americans who use the wig.
The related data shows that among the most popular small commodities in the foreign trade business platform, wig’s sales volume ranks the third, only second to clothing and mobile phone. This is somewhat surprising. Due to the big demand of the overseas consumers and the high profit of the wig, selling wigs to the oversea customers by online trade becomes a bright spot in foreign trade business industry.

At the beginning of 2012 to the first half of 2013, the daily turnover of wig in the platform increased 10 times and till 2014, it will occupy 1/4 of the American market.

Second, wedding dress: from the blue ocean to the Red Sea
Needless to say, the wedding dress is certainly the category that the foreign trade business highly praise. The listing Corporation LightInTheBox starts its career from wedding dress. However, as the industry heat rising, there are lots sites selling the wedding dress. In addition to LightInTheBox, Milanoo, TideBuy and other wedding business accounting for the bulk of the site, the DinoDirect and Meritline also set the wedding product line. Even DX, the3C leader launched the wedding service in the early year.

Some people will doubt that how many times will we get married in a lifetime? Is the wedding dress really has such a big market? Yes, wedding dress is the low re-purchase rate product with high profits. And there are a lot of supporting mixed products, such as wedding clothes, shoes, jewelry, decoration and so on. When added with the propagation effect, it's potential can not be ignored.

Third, security product: foreigners pay more attention to residential security
Security products mainly refers to the alarm, camera, monitoring equipment and other related prevention and security equipment which has the higher gross margin and re-purchase rates in foreign trade e-commerce. Under the normal circumstances, the domestic consumers don't buy this product while the foreign consumers always enjoy it. On one hand, it is related to the safety awareness of foreign consumers. On the other hand, it is also because that many foreign families live in single residential environment.

Forth, auto accessories: the forth big categories on the ebay
As we all know, European and American consumers prefer DIY, repairing cars and like changing the pattern and decoration of the car. And in the less developed country, a lot of people like using the old cars as new and reusing the old cars by replacing parts and re-assembling. Therefore, auto parts consumption is unavoidable. Of course, it has made auto parts products one of the best-selling category in China foreign trade e-commerce.

Earlier, a survey says auto parts is one of the top four major categories of cross-border business retail export volume in Shanghai before. In fact, auto parts play a very important role not only in Shanghai area but also the whole export sector. The cross-border business platform eBay's report also pointed out that the auto parts trading volume and growth rate is very fast, becoming the fourth largest category. In 2013, auto accessories' sales volume increased 30% in the platform. However, the convenient logistics warehouse construction has created greater space for growth.

Five, Horticultural products: foreigners do not love literature but for having a garden
Horticultural products include lawn mower, scissors, shovels, gloves and other gardening tools and flowerpot, bird house, decorations and even plant seeds. In general, the garden related products are classified in the "Home & Garden" category. The characteristic of this category is that it is in compliance with the overseas consumers' pursuit of quality of life: As long as you take action can you build your dream home garden.

At the beginning of this year, according to a survey of trading platform in 2013, flower seeds have been rated as the most wonderful products. However, in addition to the seeds, all kinds of garden tools and equipment are still the categories that the major platform and proprietary B2C refuse to giving up and from which we can see its market potential.

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