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The most practical English for Canton Fair

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-08-30 11:45:50

The Canton Fair is coming, are you ready to the exhibition? Are you still worried about the communication in the Canton Fair? Now, I will sum up some oral communication words with the more frequency use in the Canton Fair, hoping it will help those who are the first time to participate in the Canton Fair.

1. Catalogue. Some customers just want to know something about the product, so you can give them your product catalogue with your business card after saying hello or hi.

2. CD. Now many customers do not like to take catalogue. They would say you know so heavy. So if your product can be made into a CD, you should try to make some which will be more possible to be brought by the customers.

3.Business card: It is so interesting that I used to think that business card was name card before participating in the exhibition. But one day, a Brazil customer asked me for a business card, thought it was the catalogue so I gave him one. But because it was the first day, I could not find my business card. Finally, the customer asked whether he could rip off the card on the catalogue, I had to say yes. Because it was the first day that I did not adapt to the environment. A lot of English spinning in mind, but I did not say anything and finally I had to say bye. The customer said goodbye to me friendly. I was so sorry to miss a chance to practice English.

4.Material. When the customer not just only want the album, you should make it necessary to enter the actual conversation. My listening ability is not very good so I listen to the keyword. Some will say made from and I will ask material and tell him the material. Our products are in two types, PVC and wood veneer. Some will ask what is inside the product and I will explain the detail.

5.Size. After customers understand the material, they will care about the size. At the beginning, I had stupid thought that I had a tape ruler and I can measure it when the customer asked me. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. When the customer asked me the size, I said wait, I measure it for you, and then the customer quickly said NO, no,I believe you, you just need tell me. I quickly asked my boss for help. And the boss said to me and I translated to the customers. So when the customers ask you this question and you can not remember it, they will think you are very unprofessional.

6.Price/how much. This goes without saying. It is very important to remember the exact price of the product. Because our sample includes not the only the simple product so you have to ask the customer clearly which one he needs. Those who only want to ask the price will say everything while the professional one will ask separately. In addition, when you quote, do remember to say that the price is FOB which port.

7.Packing. When the customer has an intention to you, he will ask this question that what is the package? I usually answer what is in the package and what need another package.

8.Carton. This is very important which means the packaging material. At the beginning, I did not know this word, so I said paper, but the customer could understand me, and say I see. But if I know the carton, it will show more profession.

9.Payment. When almost all are settled, it is time to talk about the payment terms. We generally use T/T. For the customer with real intention, I will tell them the advance payment and the balance against the BL copy.Anyway, you should listen carefully.

10. 20/40 ft container. After greetings, customer will want to know your product quantity that one container can load. So you need to well calculate before the exhibition and you just need to ask him whether for a 20Ft or 40Hq.

11.Keep in touch. When the customer with intention finally ends the conversation, remember to shake hands and say this word. Take a photo together if possible to deepen the customer’s impression.

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