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The Importance to Maintain Customers

Posted by: Jack | 2016-12-15 14:42:10

Many foreign traders view that the most important thing in trade is trying to develop and attract customers for cooperation but sometimes ignore a key part-maintaining customers. I deeply feel the significance of maintaining customers because of the following experience.

It was hard to express how happy I was when I got a customer from Dubai who had wide effect in Dubai. The order implemented through bargain finally. At that time, the customer spent a lot of time on discussing the changes of color so that the products can be different; in addition, those two terms were best-sale which in a large requirement. The order delayed because materials were in short supply.

At the beginning, we could not inform the customer the exact date of accomplishing all products for two new-style kettles were in short supply. The customer was affable to understand our current situation when I explained to him. Two months later, after a long time when the customer confirmed everything, I explained the situation to him that the materials were still not prepared when he inquired about that order. However, he became impatient and thought that I made excuse for delaying shipment but still expressed his consideration because I got well with him. Four months later after implementing the order, the customer was annoyed for we could not schedule this order, but he is hurry for shipment and blamed why we could not finish on schedule. He required our compensation for our delay which caused losses. His attitude had a big change. Through our continuous apology, the customer promised to make explanations to their company.

The customer asked me nothing for a long time, thus, I shelved him until delivered all productions. After the shipment, he doubted me one day that whether I received the fee of sample and then I was shocked that why he forgot the fact I gave him sample without charge and I got well with him for so long time. Misunderstanding and mistrust were brought by my carelessness. I felt so depressed that will the customer removed our company from the list of suppliers? Why didn't I make a solid move? I, calmly, apologized and explained to the customer, asking for another chance to show our high production quality and good market reaction. Fortunately, for our friendship's sakes, the customer was so nice to give us chance again and we did not need to compensate.

From such experience, I realize my carelessness on maintaining customers. Although criticized by them, I still should contact with customers to achieve their confidence on us. It is common that something happens to delay the shipment. Whether can maintain a customer well tests my skill as a sale. Receiving customers'approbation is the base of a long-term cooperation.

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