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The Amazing China Creation in IFA

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-09-03 13:18:35

The International Funkausstellumg Berlin(IFA Berlin) was inaugurated on September 2nd, the International Customer Electronics Show will last for six days. But the most important thing is the content, but not the time. Because as one of the most influential trade show of audio-video and CE products in today's world , every manufacturer wants to present new products on it .


Every session of IFA, many advanced technology companies show their novel and interesting products , some even held their products news conference in IFA. Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Microsoft, IPhone, have done so in IFA. After all, as the most influential trade show in the world, these companies can save a large number of marketing expenses in this way.

But today, they are not the protagonists. I will let our Chinese enterprises visit the show proudly.

On September 1st, International Data Group(IDG) and German Industry and Commerce Ltd jointly announced winners of "2016 IFA Product Technical Innovation Award" .


Looking back to the enterprises winning, what do you see?

Overall, there are 12 companies sharing a total of 12 awards, namely TCL, Siemens, Changhong, ZTE, Samsung, Greatwall, BOE, HTC. Exactly, there are 9 enterprises from our greater China . Humph! What air we give ourselves!

Let us have a look what awards the won:

1.HTC has been the least impressive for a long time in this field, but the VR devices HTC vice won Interaction Experience Gold Award this time.


And HTC also took this opportunity to bring out several phones, like HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle's Desire 10 Pro and HTC One A9s.


2.Among the awards list, the most young and promising enterprise is DJI, because he takes pride of place in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) for many years.

We can know his impressive achievements by the number of applications to fly announced by the American authorities Federal Aviation Administration of the United States (FAA).


Look!, In the  top 10, nine are DJI!

Young is "capricious ", UAV cannot satisfy DJI's ambition. Just last month, rich men spent tens of millions of money to hold " China University Robot Contest" - RobotMasters, which implies an unspoken word :" I am the king in the field of Robot".

One more importantly, there is another original phone with Pan- Tile(a kind of smart shoot) created by DJI , but it is nothing to do with UAV. Maybe DJI plans to do another best one in other field.

So do these new and interesting products give you a bout and a shout , maybe it's time to consider renew your products. I can't wait to going to lab to wander this mysterious world.

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