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Develop foreign customer by YouTube

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-09-03 12:50:42

Here I would like to share a real example with you which is worth to use for reference for all foreign trade people.

One day, Eric was free to release product information in the Youtube. One week later, he had a client added with Skype through YouTube, and after a week's communication, Eric received the sample charge from the customer and also soon confirmed the samples. Shortly the customer placed an order more than $7000.

See from here, what do you think? Maybe you will say what's the big deal? But after Eric posted this matter in a forum, the post had many replies from the netizen and people were concerned with the same problem: "can YouTube also develop the customer? "

As for the foreign traders, they perhaps only have a general impression on Youtube which is the video site like Youku or Tudou at home. And YouTube as a member of SNS family, it has been taken place by Twitter and Facebook.

But as for foreign traders, it doesn't matter whether the cat is black or white,as long as it catches mice. So you can not look down upon YouTube.

The search functions of Youtube.
Youtube is the famous video site in the world which can allow people to upload and watch and share the videos. And now it has become the leader of the same type of website and has created a number of online celebrities and stimulated online video website creation, becoming the video podcasting website with the most visitors in the world. Some times ago, the popularity of the popular song "Jiangnan Style" cannot be so hot without YouTube.

For foreign trade enterprises, YouTube also has unlimited business opportunities. However, the foreign trade enterprises should know how to find the customers through this platform.

"It is very simple. Taking use of the search tool, you can find the foreign businessmen easily. Take the keyword 'store fixture' as an example. Click the video issuer information, then you can find some information such as the company website and contact." Eric said.

Input the key word "store fixture" to find the oversea buyer.

YouTube SEO
Jenny, the project manager of a Guangzhou network science and Technology company said, he started the YouTube promotion three years ago. He used the simple video upload and promotion at that time. And the biggest confusion was the relatively high flow promotion cost, but the low flow conversion rate. How to optimize the YouTube video information and let people find you priority?

The video heat on YouTube reflects the heat spread and extensive degree of SNS which means the originality and value of the content. The information and situation of video introduction, label, application and issuer can be used to reflect the source (URL, anchor text, etc), and once it has the reprint, it will be very helpful for a favorable video ranking.

Candy, the foreign trader, shares about the optimization of YouTube video SEO. It can be included as "four good, one update and one review".

Four good means: good tile, good label, good video description and good link. Among these "four goods", it is to put your keywords in the first place. In addition, as for the description, Candy reminds us not to forget to add the contact.

Add the link in the video description.
For the video update, Candy points out that we should update the video frequently and post the related video in time. In addition, we should pay attention to the comments. The more the comments, the more popular of the video which is very helpful for the ranking.

Jenny also points out that the most important thing is to have good products, and then the video content and video spokesman. "When you just start to do the YouTube promotion, the effect is not very good. And later it will be improved by using video spokesman." Like Jenny said "this time, the PSY, Yuan Fang, Cirie and other popular network people can come in handy. But you must combine with your own products for the creativity."

The content and comment in the video
When promote in YouTube, what products are more suitable? The product like computer, communication and consumer electronic products, as well as the female products, such as cosmetics, clothing, and other products will be a good choice.

In addition, on the video creativity, Jenny suggests that the video should not be too long and a short video is appropriate; on video content, it should not be too boring because the video content that the customers are not interested in can not reach the promotional purpose. There is a critical key point which is the comment. Its negative comment is like taobao.com.is a very fatal damage to the video issuer. And to avoid the negative reviews, you must guarantee the quality of the product.

When the Video posted out, there is a very useful tool in YouTube which is YouTube Analytics. This function can be used under the login state. The issuer can analyze the audience characteristics, flow sources and viscosity through the functional and improve the video quality through these analyses.

Of course for the use principle of Youtube, the key point is to learn to get over the great wall.

Jenny suggests the foreign trade enterprises to use YouTube for the product promotion or brand promotion which can bring the foreign trade enterprises direct benefit of reputation and flow. But the flow and reputation is not the all. Enterprise products and service quality are the key to maintain the customer and YouTube only provides the channels!


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