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Take Orders from Europe and America

Posted by: Jenny | 2017-04-04 12:22:32

The suppliers who have lots of orders must have concrete positioning on market and customers with equivalent strategies of product development and market exploitation. Therefore, when suppliers step into unfamiliar markets, they'd better do it after serious consideration.


Generally I divide export area into two zones. One is European-American zone and the other is Asian-African zone. Their standards for products and factories are different from each other. Occidentals are famous for their strictness and squareness but Asian and American market are humanized. So what do customers from Europe and USA require for?

1.Strict standard inspection on factories and mass production

The factory should provide various kinds of certificates comply with customers' inspection. For mass goods, the test will be throughout the process of producing products. When production is done, they will test the product one by one.

2.They require for products with high quality and high standard

The most remarkable thing is their requirement for authentication. Customers from Europe and USA usually need ROHS, LFGB and other certificates. They are strict with products' appearance and they don't allow any flaws to exist externally, it has nothing to do with quality, though. Once there are not in compliance with the contact, the producer will be rejected.

3.They want their products unique in appearance

They pursue unique appearance of products because they hope that their products are unparalleled so they usually make adjustments on product mould which has higher requirement on design department. Customers' attention to the mould lead to their relatively firm cooperation with the suppliers. 

4.They are pretty strict with delivery time

Even though date of delivery was delayed because of force majeure, the suppliers still need to penalize according to the contract.

5.They don't really concern about price but quality and appearance design

Compared with customers in Europe and USA, Asian customers also require something on product quality but it is not that strict. Sstandard operating procedures of inspection are rough and simple. Delay of mass goods or flaws on product appearance are also negotiable. It is all about price when it comes to Africa.


For suppliers who devote themselves to development of Asian-African market, they can master orders from Europe and America only with full preparation. Apart from quality of products, there are lots of things which need to be perfect, such as factory management, arrangement of data and tests. So whether to develop orders from Europe and America depends onthe situation of suppliers'.

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