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Skills when you face customers

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-09-11 10:26:44

We all know that it is significant for us to communicate with different customers, but many foreign trade newcomer asks that he is afraid to talk with the customer because of  his poor oral English, so he still can not step the first step. In fact, what I want to say is that attitude determines your behavior, so a lot of things can be gain by your  preparation. Prepare in advance and conclude afterwards and you don't have to worry about it.Then if you want to get the effective communication with the foreign customers in  foreign trade business,you should remember the following skills. 

1. Show your goodwill and welcome to your communication customer.
If you are the one that start the conversation, to provide your customer every convenience can help the conversation starts in the friendly and harmonious atmosphere.

Especially when your customer comes from far away from you, you should tell him that you will arrange everything for him kindly which not only shows your sincerity but also makes him worry nothing about the chores and concentrates to communicate with you.

2. Avoid interference during the communication.
If the communication location is your company, then exhort your subordinates not to interrupt you during the communication process. Because excessive interference will affect the willingness and enthusiasm of communication.

3. Full preparation of information.
The specific items are usually more persuasive than the verbal description. When the customers hear you saying "We have a booklet in English." Or "Please take this as a sample," he will be interested in it, and then ask you many questions related to the products. If you can answer every question in the process of collecting information, it will be very benefit for your business communication.

4. Be sincere to solve the problem.
When the customer complains to you, you should try to appease him. The best way is to express your concerns and sincerity for his complaint. Your "please tell me about this situation." or "I am sorry for my mistakes, but I promise that I will do my best to deal with the matter. "will make each other feel that you have a sense of responsibility and will restore the trust to you.

5. Get ready to confirm the important details.
In the business communication, once it involves the amount and date of delivery, expect for oral repeating and meeting record for confirmation during the negotiation, you also need to recheck the contract after drafting. Once you find the doubt, you should inform the customer that you have to return the contract to him and you can not sign the contract. Any problem about the contract should be clearly figure out without any vagueness. 

6. When we don't understand what the other party is saying, you must ask him to repeat. 
English is not our mother tongue, so it is common if we can not understand. It is really harmful if we pretend to be understand. Actually, it is not difficult to ask people to repeat for you. You only need to say "Could you mind repeat it?" I believe that he will not reject you and will repeat it slowly. If you still don't understand, then you can use the old method "Could you mind say it clearly?"

7. The skill to say "no".
On business communication, when refuse, we should said categorically "No." Saying "It is very difficult" or "nice, but "will make people feel you are not promise straightforwardly but refuse politely. If you say "No, but" others will think you have rejected but it can still talk. So at this time, you should say "No" first to contain him and to communicate in a vantage point.

8. Do not waste time on communication with the customer.
Before the communication, it would be better to know his schedule in advance and try to match. When you confirm all the details with your customer, you should tell him " I will let my secretary to draft the contract to you immediately, and then I'll drive you to the airport for the plane at seven o'clock." He must be appreciated for your thoughtfulness and will take the cooperative attitude.

Of course,every foreign trader hope to make the effective communication with the customer in the shortest time and establish the relationship of trust, but sometimes customers have their own way of thinking and will not change in a short time. For some customers, you have to establish the cooperative relationship through the understanding, like and trust during the effective communication.


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