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Skills to talk with Iranian

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-09-11 10:35:05

As the saying goes: "know yourself as well as the enemy, you can fight a hundred battles and win them all. " As a foreign trade salesman, you should learn as much as possible about your rivals so that you can have a well-thought-out plan. I have much experience of negotiating with the foreign customers and I often hear that many people feel that difficult to negotiate with the Iranian customers. Today I will share with you some characteristics and skills to communicate with the Iranian customers.

Feature 1. Iranians businessmen do not attach too much importance to promise.

The first thing you need to pay attention to when cooperate with the Iranian customers is that they don't count on promise. Generally, they do not want to cheat people on purpose but it is the careless character that makes their commitment not worthy.

Feature 2. Long time of negotiation process which need to be careful.

Iranians businessmen's business environment is not good and the political unrest which require each imported product needs the import license. The application process is troublesome and the related documents need to be revised according to the government's requirements.

You don't know when will the import license issued which may be a long time. And during this period, anything can change the customer's mind such as the customer finds lot of similar products in the market and he will hesitate.

Even though the import license is issued, it will also be a long period to apply for the L/C. The Iran government stipulates that all the payment and documents must through the banks. Although these banks are state-operated and the credit is good, it will slowly down the process.

Even if everything is settled and the customer has received the goods, it is not convenient to pick up the goods. The custom may have additional requirements on documents. So the Iranians customers are worried about can not receiving the goods. If it is the new product, the preprocess will be very long.

This long period is not for confirmation of the product quality and specification like the European customers but for the confirmation he can pick up the goods safely and on time. The Iranians customers are born to be desultory. In the turbulent environment, we need to be careful for the payment.

Feature 3. Iranians people are kind but with strong temper.

Although most of them are easy-going, they are still a little obstinate. Once they become obstinate, it will be difficult to redeem. At that time, they often make the impulsive decisions. Of course generally, it won't happen. 

So when facing such kind of Iranians customers, we should have some skills to deal with it during the negotiation. Here are some conclusions, hoping can help you:

Skill 1. The careful payment terms. There are too many uncertain factors no matter the Iran policy or the merchants in the Iran market. So we need to ensure the safety, making sure that " never begin the production until we see the deposit or L/C," or " never stop tracking until we receive the full payment."

Skill 2. Follow-up patiently. You need to be patient when cooperate with the Iranians customers and keep the good mind for their repetition. If you can always answer their questions timely, several times later, they will regard you as their good friends and sometimes, they will place the order to you on other product.

Businessmen in every country have their business habits. I have shared with you previously. In the business, we not only need to be familiar with the professional knowledge, but also need to grasp the customer's business practices. It will largely enhance the successful cooperation.


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