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Sharing experience in trading

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-09-20 12:40:16

It is the dream that wake you up every day instead of the clock. The most two forbidding words in the world are persistence and earnest. Having experienced in the foreign trade industry, I have grown up from a green-hand to an experienced trader. Here, I would like to share my business experience with you.

1. Doing work methodically and systematically.

I will record what I have done and what I have deal with every day and try to finish the work in the shortest time and not to delay any problem.

(1) Check and send emails: I will check and send feedback emails for two times when I begin work every morning and when I get off work every night. Every day I must make sure that I have replied all the feedbacks in time. Due to the time lag, I think it is better for me to reply the feedback at home so that I can do it in time. Sometimes, overtime working is inevitable which can enable you to keep pace with customers and enhance the frequency of communication with customers, taking the first chance.

(2) Well arrange the customers' information: Build an excel form, and you can record all your customers' information into the form and classify them. Those high-valued customers and inquiry can be marked as A type which should pay more attention and do well in the follow-up action. But it is not to say that a small customer should be ignored. We should know that any big customers grow up from small customer just like selling things. You should cultivate your customers from the new one to the old one and then to the royal one and then the generational one.

2. Learn to be positive and make good conclusion.

(1) Be positive to search the buyers on relative business websites. You need to collect and classify them and then make different inquiries according to different places with concise content.

(2) Publish a valued business information on relative business websites. Although the effect is not so obvious, it also just takes little your time. If you renew the massage frequently, the products information may come out at the first page of the catalogue which may bring you surprise. So I recommend you to insist this way.

(3) Every morning, you should spend 10 to 30 minutes on taking part in team conference, analyzing the causes, making conclusions and improving working systems to make the work simpler and more effective.

3. Contact with customers regularly.

(1) Update the content on the websites regularly. You can publish the information about the new products on the websites or change the photos for products. All you have done can inform the buyers the latest information of your company, which can also attract new customers.

(2) Send latest information about products to regular customers or potential customers, believing that persistence is rewarding.It is calculated that the cost spent on developing a new customer equals to the cost of keeping ten regular customers.

(3) Periodically report the inquiry feedback and the follow-up situation. Clear up these forms systematically and keep the back-up which may bring you the future potential customers.

4. Cultivate your quality and improve your skills. 

Salesman's daily work is not only about the customers but also about some work derived by the customer, such as work about sending sample and, inquiry and counter-offer, payment terms and shipping agent and so on. When face so much work, you should not only response fast, but also need to report in time and then deal with them quickly and decidedly with your own better methods and make appropriate negotiations with customers. All of these require your good occupational habit. You should have the concept of cost, the mind of interest, the consciousness of risk, the ability of leading and the good habit of making communication.

All of us who take part in foreign trade business should have known that sometimes it is a long-term process of the order from the intention of a deal, to follow-up, and then to shipment and confirmation. Developing customers is especially the period needs a period's waiting. So there is certain work every day for the salesman and we should cultivate our own working habit and style.

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