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Trade Skills: Searching foreign customer online

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-08-26 11:16:12

Now, searching foreign customer online has become the mainstream. The main method is to publish information on some business website and I think we should constantly look for a place to publish the information, the more information ,the more money and opportunities. So we can sign the payment membership in a better website if budget available and publish information as much as possible. And we should find more B2B website which is suitable to our products. This should become your daily job. I think that doing business is like getting to know a new commercial friend. Try to know more friends then you can can enrich your customer base. Many people are not your customers today but they will be some day. Maybe he or she will introduce you to more commercial friends. As long as you continue to accumulate, customer resources will greatly gradually increase. Making a friend is not the thing that can finish in one or two day, so we need to have long term perspective and treat every of our friends sincerely. Perhaps in the short time, you will find that you have many commercial friends. In generally,how to know more commercial friends then? 

First, accumulate in the usual job is good. The people that inquiry to you before, the one that you sell before are your potential commercial friends. The key point is how you can build the relationship with them. You have contacted before by email, phone call or msn and you can contact them after some time or greeting to them or send some festival wishes, then your relationship will grow up.

Second, go to the forum that the businessmen may possible go. When you see the article that is related to your products or business, you can check the contact details of the person and reply the article or contact him initiatively. Maybe someday you will become good friends. 

Third, you can take part in more activities in some merchants circles, with friends, peers ,and so on. It will quickly build your business circle and if you can maintain the relationship carefully, you will gain a lot in the business. 

There are many ways which are not make an example one by one. Doing business is like living a life. The rich men said, it is actually very easy to make money. If he doesn't have enough money, someone immediately will give them some. Because of the different life level and contact level, money is not the biggest problem for them. So if you want to run a business well, it will be important to build a good lifestyle.

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