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Search Customers with Twitter

Posted by: Jenny | 2017-04-04 12:27:11

Apart from Facebook, lots of people use Twitter. However, Twitter updates information by information flow. Many people manage to develop customers but they don't know how to do that.


Among those information flow, how can we find our target customers? We need some advanced inquiry ways.


It is Twitter's search link: https://Twitter.com/search-home


Click the link below and click advanced search. The link is blue font below.


For example:

No.1 : Trace/Inquire user names

Use To and From

To: If you want to inquire all the users and send information to a specific Twitter user, you can use this. For example, if we want to check an account named classical, we can just search To classical.


From: It means post from an account, for example from classical.


The results you get are all from classical. You can also visit other pages. So if you want to find your target customer accurately, you need to:

First, if we find our competitors or related products imformation are about mynamenecklace and we are the supplier of this accessory, then it may be our target customer. Then we can input To: mynamenecklace “necklace”.


From the results above, you can see that many customers purchase products from mynamenecklace. These are all your potential target customers. What you need to do is to develop them.


It can not only let you know who are your target customers, but also let you know what your customers are concerned about. It is very helpful for you to develop customers.


No.2 : Search customers with areas

If you want to know related information of your brand in local area, you can use region search. It allows you to limit with country, regions and city.

The modes are as follows:

Near: Where you want to locate (Postcode)

within: Specific areas

If you use American VPN to login Twitter and you are in LA.

You can search people within a 5-km radius by inputing #appointment”near:90210 within:5km.


No.3 : Method of exclusion and filtration

1.Method of exclusion: Sometimes we don’t want results which are unnecessary, unrelated and ambiguous, this is the function you need which is similar with SEO’s.

If you want to find a costume designer except for the competitors, you can search like “dress designer” –mynamenecklace and you’ll find lots of costume designers.


2.Method of filtration: When you want some information and you want to filtrate the links, you can use “facebook”near:518000within:10km -filter:links.

It means that you can find customers of Facebook within 10km without posts containing links.


No.4 : Search through emojis of social software

It is of great importance to know your target customers' emotions toward the prodycts. For example, you can input your competitor's name and mynamenecklace:-(.


The above are 4 ways to develop customers on Twitter. You can have a try because it is never enough to just have a look.

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