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"Rules" in Foreign Trade

Posted by: Jenny | 2017-03-21 12:43:00

People who smatter always have some misunderstandings. For example, they think people who work in broadcasting station with good voices are mostly ugly. People who work in beauty salon have perfect skin. For foreign trade, there are misunderstandings below:

1.All-purpose development letter
My development letter have a low response rate because of my bad writing. Many newbies think so and lots of people also do the same guidance. But is it true?

Let's analyze the determinants which influence the response rate of development letter.

(1)Fortune. Sending development letter requires your luck. It is very natural that customers don't need your product today but they do next month. So, you should keep sending it.

(2)Pertinence. First, you should know if this company need the product. Then, whether the email you send is avaliable. Therefore, it is also necessary to do some prior investigation.

In conclusion, we should send development letter in large number and the letter should also be qualified.

2.To know customers' business hours to make them see our emails at the first time which will be more effective.
In fact, it is a little subjective because you don't consider your customers.

Actually, one is very busy when he just arrives at a company. Work that he should accomplish that day and he didn't finish thoroughly yesterday should be done right after he back to office.

In addition, when you think about the time, others do that too. What decides the result under this circumstance?

Remarkable title and professional expression! It is what quality is above. It doesn't just mean the email but also if it has pertinence.

3.Don't disturb customers at their nonworking time because they separate work and life well.
It is ridiculous to say that. Almost every customer doesn't care about that. On the contrary, customers from Asia, Europe and America often work overtime.

So don't get trapped because of these unintelligible theories. When you see customers' mail, reply them without hesitation even if they are off duty.

4.Sending emails to customers should be as simple as development letter.
Actually, when customers send emails to have you make the quotations, you shouldn't just tell him the price.

It is different from development letter. Development letter is sent by strangers. Nobody will spend lots of time on it so it should be concise which makes customers get your imformation in the shortest time. But as for reply, a purchaser is more willing to get an email which gives them all the imformation he wants.

5.Customer is robot. You will get scheduled response if you input special order.
It is exaggerated. Customer is also a human with emotions. So there will be some strange things happening. Customers like to talk with A but ignore B with the same product and the same price.

Because the diction of every one is various. Some are mighty, some are kind, some are concise and some are nagging. These characters can be known by customers easily. So even with the same conditions, customers will tend to choose their preferred one to talk.

Therefore, when you have no idea why customer doesn't want to chat with you, you might change the email, the style you express and recontact them. Maybe you will get some unexpected result. It seems fantastic but it is the reality.


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