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Preparation for Canton Fair

Posted by: Jenny | 2017-04-04 12:12:18

Canton Fair has always been a grand event for us foreign traders. Every year, everyone complains that the business is slow. In fact, when we entered this industry, we heard something like "it is hard to do foreign trade", but is it really so? The overall situation does influence foreign trade but we also need to question ourselves to find out what makes it hard.

As we know, the government environmental inspection last year has made great difference on manufacturing industry. In addtion, we face with greater challenge as well as new opportunities. In this year, we have operated some interior adjustments, such as developing new products, investing in producing equipments and boosting production to make our company more competitive. It keeps encouraging us moving on.

As a trader, what can we do to be ready for challenges?

1.Adjust mental attitudes. Don't leisurely talk business with your customers just because the raw materials are in shortage this year. You should be even more positive and arouse customers' purchasing intention(With some exquisite candy or gum) Keep sharing domestic information with customers and they'll know the situation in order to finish their procurement in case of delay of plan.

2.Arrange the booth well. For those enterprises which have a small booth with lots of exhibitors, it will be crowded which makes transaction hard to proceed. So it is necessary for us to arrange a meeting room in a near hotel for fluence meeting with customers. You can also have deeper contact with customers after the exhibition. What's more, there will be lots of exhibitors in the second and third day, so just follow up without over greetings.  

3.Make ample preparations. For example, we should know our customers well who are going to take part in exhibition. And considering customers' purchasing habits,  make recommendations for customers. For those potential customers, we should try our best to invite them to have a talk. Seeing is believing. So it is better for us to communicate with customer face to face. Meanwhile, if you can, invite customer to your office. Because there are more products in the office which can better convince customers. 

4.Distribute members well. Well arrange people's job according to their abililty and experience, just like business negotiation, outward connnection and logistical support. Try the best to well arrange all details to make better result.

Canton Fair is drawing near. Therefore, if you intend to achieve something, you should take this opportunity!

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