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Positive effect for foreign trade

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-08-26 14:54:05

Foreign trade data is considered as a window to observe China economy. For the world economy, Chinese foreign trade prosperous is greatly significant. On February 12th,the General Administration of customs Chinese released that from the foreign trade data on January, China has stable economic development and once again showed that Chinese is the "stabilizer" of world economy.

Customs data showed that in dollar terms,the import and export value of china is $ 382.4 billion, an increase of 10.3% in January. Among this, exports account for $ 207.13 billion,an increase of 10.6 %; imports account for $ 175.27 billion, an increase of 10% and the trade surplus account for $ 31.86 billion, expanding by 14%.

In 2013, the total import and export value of China occupied on $ 4.16 trillion, an increase of 7.6%, of which exports grew by 7.9% and imports increased by 7.3 %, the trade surplus rose by about 12%. If compared with the last year data, we can see that Chinese economy in 2014 has a good start.

Experts believe that, in January,the success of Chinese foreign trade is largely due to the overall recovery of developed economies in the West. According to the International Monetary Fund and the world bank and other authoritative economic institutions judgment, since 2013, USA and Euro zone economic recovery are firmly stable. Because of the well economic situation, the FED is being out of quantitative easing monetary policy cautiously. USA President Obama thinks, it will be the "breakthrough" of American economy in 2014. The  growth of European economy is less than American, but it is gradually out of the debt crisis of a few years ago, showing more vitality.


The British "Financial Times" think that, the economy of US-led  developed economy status continuous to improvement, and will accelerate Chinese export growth demand. CBBC chairman Bai Lewei is expected, in 2014, China export will be better than the past four or five years.

China overtook America has became the world's largest goods trading country in 2013. Stable foreign trade growth showed that China has a positive effects in stabilizing the world economy, and also enhance the confidence of international observers on Chinese economy.

The German "times" weekly website reported that, because of the recent global stock shocks, a number of emerging industrial countries suffered seriously, Chinese keep the renminbi steadily against exchange rate of the euro and the dollar, and restrict outflows of capital.Chinese economy once again proved to be stable.

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