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New purchase trend of buyer

Posted by: Jack | 2016-09-01 15:27:48

In the past,  the buyers were very easy to please because they just wanted  a good product with good quality and price and delivery on time. But in the current fierce competition, the buyers have more changes and demand. Then what kind of changes?  Now, let me show you the new purchase trend of the buyers.

1. Supply exceeds demand. The number of main import countries has no big changes, but the number of major export countries has substantial growth

2. The emergence of the new  technology enables the buyers and suppliers better get close to each other and greater access other’s information.

3. The competition between the European and USA market promotes the emergence of the new retail form which is the seasonal product discount store. It appears to require the lower price of the suppliers’ products but to guarantee a certain quality. These products bear their own brands, so they need to maintain the brand value. This has caused the greater pressure of the suppliers on price.

4. In the clothing industry, now there is a fast fashion trend. Some brands from Span and Sweden update their design and products every few months. It has also become a boost of the rapid change of the market.

5. The change of the e-commerce has basically revolutionized the retail industrial. Now, the retailers improve the online sales by the entity shops. Because of these entity shops, the customers can feel and know the product and price and then buy online at home.

When face these changes, what impact will bring to the exporters?

1. The market changes from the seller's market into the buyer's market. The buyers have more power to make decision in the transaction process. So the sellers make every attempt to keep the buyer and increase the added value of their products, providing some better packaging and packing service and even the batch transportation etc..

2. The buyers will lower their own design costs and pass the design work to the suppliers. Chinese suppliers do well in this aspect. They soon realize these changes and timely response. For example, they do better in product quality, in the lower price and more creative design.

3. The buyers have faster purchase behavior and faster purchase decision making. In the past, they might purchase two or three times per year while now they purchase the same times every month or every few months. So this also causes the great pressure on the suppliers. They need to have sufficient staffs and diverse production lines to make the timely adjustment according to buyer's request.

4. Now the buyers don't want to put all the attention on the China market, so they take a strategy which is called "China+1" strategy. They will pay attention to the India market, but compared with China, India is worse. The productive efficiency is not high and the equipments are older and the establishment of production lines is not timely. Therefore Chinese supplier shall maintain the higher product quality and productivity, and this is the real core competitiveness.

5. Not all buyers are suitable for your products. If you are a big factory, you will need a big order to keep your business. So you have to get more information to see what kind of company the buyer in and what is his development plan and business schedule. And then find a buyer that is suitable for your company's development, and then work hard together and you will succeed.

6. In such a buyer's market, the role of integrity should not be underestimated. If you go to the exhibition, you must be honest about your product advantages and disadvantages. And you should make sure that the products that shown in the exhibition must producted by your company. Never make a promise that you can't achieve.

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