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Make Good Use of Social Tools

Posted by: Jenny | 2017-03-16 10:55:32

After working for years as a salesman, my "MOMENTS" has been occupied by my customers. With the popularity of social tools, my communication with customers is no longer limited by mails and phone. Their life gradually appears in my sight, and similarly, I believe my life also becomes a corner in their  "MOMENTS".


"MOMENTS" is like a melting pot, integrating the life of people around. You will find that the tough and strong customers also have the aspect of casual lifestyle. Of course, in order to separate life from work, some people choose to block their customers so that they can express whatever they want in life or work "recklessly". I think, when you reject them entering your life, you are also rejecting entering theirs, rejecting knowing the real them.


Under work circumstance, everyone pays attention to packing themselves whoever customers or salesmen. While in MOMENTS, we can get to know each other in a real way. I care what customers release in MOMENTS. I get to know them by what they care. I will give a "LIKE" or a comment when they release the happy moment and care their feelings when they release the upset thing. Every time when I see the news or information related to what they concern, I will send to them with my idea. At the beginning, they are quite astonished that I know what they concern, and gradually, in the communication, I get to know more about their thought and they have more trust on me and care more about my suggestion.  


A few days ago, a customer who needed shipment kept arguing with us for days. He agreed to use our forwarder at the very beginning. Our forwarder reminded us that the goods may be held at the port of transshipment for two weeks due to the piled up of goods and asked us to inform customer. However, the customer didn't get the news from his local forwarder and said he needed to change the forwarder by using his. But in fact, both the forwarder used the same shipping company with the same shipment schedule. One day, I read a news about the detention problem of the transshipment port, so I sent to my sales team member who w as following up with this customer, and asked him sent to customer and explain. Then there came the following dialogue:


ME: Have you sent the news to the customer?


ME: What did customer say ?

SALES: Nothing.

ME: What about you?

SALES: Nothing neither. Actually I supposed to send the news first and see what he will say then explain to him. But he said nothing so neither did I.

ME: ...


I was quite angry and lesson him because he didn't know the real meaning of sending this message to customer. An objective news is better than our explanation. Customer will know where the problem lies. However, if we just send the news without any explanation, customer may regard it as an advertisement without even a click. This message transmission didn't make any sense, not to mention in-depth discussion. Such mindless following-up is like "chronic suicide".


In my opinion, whether it is MOMENTS or other social tools, if not being used in a proper way, it is just the useless tool. Providing people a chance to show themselves, social tools also give us the chance to know other. A real salesman is not a position or a constraint on post, but a kind of responsibility. If we don't know to put customer in mind and always treat them with a mask, they will always be customers only. Good customers worth your sincerity. Similarly, customers who you treat with sincerity will be your good partners in business.

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