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Make a Year-end Summary Like This

Posted by: Jack | 2016-12-09 14:43:02

When everybody is cheering for the 2015, are you excited as they do? Or you are worrying about the 2016 year-end summary? It is the most horrible thing for many office workers. If you are well performed this year, it will be easy for you to write down your remarkable experience but if you are not, it will be a head-ache for you to report your boss. Then how to write a perfect summary for your boss? Today, I will prepare a year-end summary model for your reference:
***2016 Year-end Summary
Part 1: Make a brief introduction of your performance of this year to draw a conclusion of your work performance of 2016.

2016 is coming to an end. In this year, I have worked hard on my job and completed every task of the company earnestly. I got a lot of promotion in the job and found many problems existing in my own. Here are the summary of my job in 2016:
Part 2: Make a detailed description of your job and working condition. You'd better make your description and summary of each in different aspects and make it clearly and methodically.

In the aspect of development of new customers: How many customers have you developed and how many markets and brands have you done etc.
In the aspect of maintaining old and new customers: the rates of orders from old customers and new customers and the circle of cultivating a customer.
In the aspect of order implementation: the actual confirmation orders and shipment statistics.
Of course there needs the sales performance statistics to show whether your performance is better or not, and the rate, and analyze the reasons.
Part 3: Write down your harvest and disadvantages and the plan of improving in the coming new year.
Part 4: Show your target of 2015 and make a working plan. 
Actually, when we think back the year of 2016, there are lots of things that worthy of our aftertaste. A year-end summary is not only a task to your boss but a good chance for us to review ourselves and working performance so as to better understand ourselves and then get better improvement in the coming days. So when we make this summary, we should sincerely review this year but not just take it as a task. Only in this way can we make the summary of our own.

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