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Large Social, large foreign trade

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-08-29 10:54:03

Now in addition to traditional e-mail and exhibition, the other way to develop new customer is some search engines, while the accuracy is not good and it is more difficult to do customer maintenance. I asked a few friends and found that many people never heard of social networking. In the society that the social network being popular, I think that the social networking should play an important role on foreign companies. Social networking allows us to step up more accurately, quickly find customers, and can be more tightly maintenance customers, increasing business volume. So I even put forward the following idea, for foreign trade persons reference:

Picture1.2.3--Now we need social networks to help us expand more foreign trade business

Picture4--The above is the mainstream social networks, including FACEBOOK, TWITTER.LINKER etc.

Picture5--The above is the time that foreign people spend on social networks and coverage rate on the social networks, which is a reason why we say that social networks can help us to develop foreign trade business. As the micro-blog group now in the domestic, you can find all the small foreign trade enterprises through it. About the foreign demand, you can also use the foreigner popular social networks abroad to find your own corresponding business groups. Similarly, you can  maintain the website all-day through social networks.

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