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How to Win Indian Orders

Posted by: Jenny | 2017-03-20 14:45:28

You must remember that on last year's November, Indian government declared that Rs 500 and Rs 1000 rupees par value of the currency were abolished which led to the shortage of money. The whole market was paralysed and the goods overstocked.

After the Spring Festival, it has been 3 months since this event. The market recovers gradually. However, China begins the environmental pollution inspection and many factories close down. The raw materials are out of stock and the price raises crazily. The consuquence is that we have to raise the price. For Indian customers who love to bargain, it is quite a deadly blow.

Recently, I have received lots of Indian enquiries. Many customers also have the intention to place another order. But I find that many customers make the offer but nothing happens next. The main reason is the price. Many customers think the price is too high so they don't accept. We all know that it's better to confirm the orders in advance but customers don't always understand. Their attitude makes us impatient. In this case, we need to analzye present sitauation to them.

For new customers, if customers think the price is unreasonable , we should let them know the value and advantages of our products. Only if they know these details can they accept our quotation. We all know that Indian customers pay high attention to price and they only buy the cheapest products. But my company's market positioning is high-end customers and we also have many stable Indian customers. There are lots of customers who buy high-class products. Whether you can have your customers buy your products or not depends on if you can have customers approve your product value. Meanwhile, we should have them know the material supplies and urge them to confirm the orders.

For customers who reorder, we should remind them that influenced by materials, the date of delivery will be delayed a little. Meanwhile, if order is stopped because of the raising price, we should explain to our customers in detail and explain whether it is the labor cost rise or the material and which part of the cost raises. For now it has become a national problem, the coming peak period of Canton fair and readjustment of price are the good reasons to make customers realize the urgency to place orders. Finally, the customers reorder because they accept our products so we can reemphasize our product quality to make them firmly believe our products are worth to buy.

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