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How to resolve customer complaints

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-08-30 15:47:29

The Canton fair is being held, for the sales staff, there are some people happy and some are worry. Why they happy is because they can take a lot of orders while some are worried is because some customers come with the complaints. How to deal with it? Do not worry, I would like to share some tips with you together. 

Customer complaints is the problem that many salesman often encounter and it is also the problems that i have been asked QQ. Some of these problems is very difficult, very grueling. Then how to deal with these issues? Is there any method?

Here are some of my experience, hope can help your:

1.Do not confront the tough with toughness. When a customer comes aggressively, especially when some with aggressive personality, if you direct head-on, it will only be internecine. The customer development costs are high, so we have to rely on the value of his lifetime to make money. Even if we sometimes prevailed, it seems that we win, but eventually we lost. He gives his order to other, then you loss the future value. Therefore, it is necessary for you to put the customer's anger away at first, letting him accept you, then you can have a good communication.

a)Sacrifice yourself. Experiencing customer complaints, you should explain to the boss firstly and immediately communicate with the customer. The customer are furious and intensify the demands, or stop the relations. This is the occurrence in everyday. In fact, we can handle that by this.

We must have a accountable idea. When dealing with the problem, do not throw out your views first. You need to understand the customer and view the problem on customer’s standpoint to see the loss and inconvenience it brings him. It is normal to whine. We must first understand the customer's mood.

b) Non-competition. If the customer comes aggressively and you show your understanding and patiently listen to his complain, he will feel a little embarrassed. There is a story that the American big department store. There were customer complaints and many employees can not bear it and no one want to do the job. Then the company had to employ the deaf to do the job. Because he can not hear, so he nodded and smiled no matter what the customer say. Later the company's complaint rate dropped a lot.

c)Control and change yourself. We can not control other people and change others. Because of the golden rule, we can control ourselves and change ourselves to influence others. We need to treat others with the way that we want other to us.

d) Guide the customer's focus from the complaint to the constructive solutions. We could not control the customer’s ideas, but we can guide the customer's attention and topics.

e) The courage to apologize. If it is really the fault of us, I think we must make a sincere apology. You apology will eliminate half of the customer’s anger

f) Release customer's negative mood with some optimistic and positive words.

2, Constructive attitude. When encounter problems, the most important thing is to solve problem rather than find out who is to blame.

The first level is to solve the problem to minimize the loss.

The second level is no matter where the problem is, think about how to prevent it from happening again in the future?

The third level is think about are there other similar problems? Why and how to prevent similar problems from happening again in the future from the system?

In fact, for internal company, solving the problem in the last two levels is more important than dealing with the claim with the customers.

Even it is the customer's responsibility, you win and the customer admit his problem, but he is not comfortable. After time goes, he might run to someone else and it is still your lost.

3. To win the trust of customers. In dealing with similar problems, it can most affect our customers trust to us. 

Many salesman asked me how to win the trust of customers. I said that first of all you have to deserve the trust of customers. If you're thinking about how to calculate with others in the heart, how can other trust you?

4. Initiative spirit. Some companies do not want to take the responsibility even the problem obviously lies on them which is very unfair to customers and it is a short-sighted performance. Do not put your eyes just on one order, you should think highly on the lifetime value of a customer and the cultivation of a market.

Have you encountered such situation: when we encounter an acquaintance or a nice person, when asking the price, both of us are embarrassed. And sometimes, when we see some people who force prices down very much, we will quote a much higher price for them to bargain. And when he sees your initiative, he will feel embarrassed to bargain to much.

5. Iron hand in a velvet glove. When we meet some customers that are not good, we need to be gentle outside and tough inside. If I meet a bad customer, I always refuse to cooperate with him because I don’t know when I will be cheated by him. In 2009, I met a big American customer in the fair. He was very interested in our product but we finally not make a deal. He was arrogant and was not friendly to the suppliers, so I refused him. He wen to the fair every year and wanted to cooperate with us, but we always refused him. And later, we heard that he broke down several factories in the south area. The European and American customers credit is relatively good, but all nations have the villain.  They knows that salesmen have strong desire on the order and want to cooperate with them, so they blackmail them. So, for some unreasonable expectations, we should resolutely refuse and don't give them any opportunity and expectations so that he will not have unreasonable demands.

Well, we have talked about miscellaneous aspects of things, but you may don’t know specifically how to deal with it. Let’s talk about the order. When you receive customer complaints mail, immediately reply with any delay. Even if you are in the research, you have to reply first. Otherwise, customers will feel that you are not sincere to solve and ignore him and will be more angry. So, I will give you a template.

a) First, express your completely understanding of his situation.

b) If the fault is in your own terms, apologize immediately.

c) If you need to investigate the case, talk to customers that you have reported your boss and will immediately hold a meeting with the relevant staff to survey. And ask whether he can provide further details, such as a photo and how many goods have question and so on...

d) If the matter has been thoroughly investigated, you should explain why this happens and where the problem lies what has taken measures to ensure that will not occur in the next time. If the customer has a responsibility, you can gently point it out. For example, it is the flaw of customer design, you do not say "It is because your design is not feasible." You can say "Our chief engineer's told me, the design is the major factor that cause this problem. We may need to optimize the design together for the future production." to show the cooperation attitude.

e) Put the customer's attention to solving problems. It is really out of our expectation. We must find out a solution to get out, do you have any good ideas?

f) Making the customers feel that you actively try to solve the problem rather than caring about the issue of who should bear the loss.

g) In the comfortable case, you should fight for their interests. For example , you can promise the customer to compensate him in the next order. If you handle the front part well and the customer trust you, generally he will accept it.

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