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How to reply the inquiry

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-09-20 12:45:27

Foreign trade cycle: sending email, inquiry, counteroffer every day again and again. As a foreign trade newcomer, how can we send development letter to attract customers?Before i already told the tips for reply,now we share again.

1. Find out who is the object of the mail development?

I hate sending emails frequently to disturb the customers, like a virus. If you send email repeatedly and periodically, after a few weeks, many customers will block your email and pull you into the blacklist. From then on, you miss the customers.

Therefore, we should clearly know who is precisely our customer and what countries they are in and what are the access conditions. Now it is not the period that the more emails you send, the more feedbacks and effective inquiry you get. The precision customer groups,the efficient feedback and powerful transaction are the unique skill of current trade.

2. Classify the email and judge and then reply.

That is to say, we should clarify customer's information according to his inquiry and classify it accurately.

I used to divide the customers into the followings:

First of all, the no relationship customers. In general, as some countries and regions, if the customer inquiries and asks for sample list and price list, and requires to inspect the factory after you reply and asks for the visa letter, you should be careful. Because such kind of customer is not reliable. He might just want a China visa guarantee, because China has strict requirement to this country and need the company letter of guarantee for the visa. So when face these customers, we should pay more attention to it.

Secondly, the look-around customer. These are the customers except for the no relationship customers and those in developed countries. Their emails are often very simple, and also need your price list and sample volumes. Such kind of customers do not rush to make a deal but just want to take a look in order to find more suppliers for choose. So for such kind of customers, you just need to keep certain contact.

Besides, the customer with very clear purpose. At the first connection, they may point out the certain model listed on your website or attach a photo to ask your quotation. These emails should be paid attention and followed within two hours. You need to make specific analysis for the quotation covering raw materials, workers, interest, tax, freight and so on. Such kind of customers generally are very practical, effective and fast and they don’t have time to bargain with us because they clearly know what they want and are unwilling to waste time.

I has made some contact with such customers in Germany, France, Italy and North America. Of course, customers in India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka will bargain because they have got used to this bargaining method. The customers in South America also have this habit especially those customers from Brazil and Mexico because they hold more priority from their bilateral trade agreements with China.

Finally, the customers who are worthy of being cultivated.This kind of customers usually refers to high-qualified buyers. In their emails, they clearly state the requirements of parts and certificate and so on. These in great term are potentially big customers. So it is needed to focus on following their emails and initially find the chance for cooperation. If you do get the chance to cooperate with them, you should send them the artistic sample catalogue and quotation.

I want to remind you that the sample catalogue and quotation should be in PDF format because they prefer this format and do not use the RAR especially in the email attachment.

First, the price should be competitive. The price must be quoted according to the market. Quoting aimlessly will only make you lose the customers.

Second, the products should be qualified. Do you have the relevant certificate for the quality assurance? What kind of quality system can maintain the certification?

Third, you should have new products for choose. The new product are not price comparability, but this is what the customers want and their new profit growth point.

Foreign trade work is a long-term and cycle process which needs foreign trade people to be persisted and keep the positive attitude. Only in this way can they complete the work perfectly and launch the products successfully. For different inquiry problem, we should handle it according to different situation and solve the main problem which can largely shorten the transaction process.

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