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How to maximize the benefit in fair

Posted by: Jack | 2016-09-01 10:28:18

There are many people in the fair, but there still will come to an end. Some professional exhibitions may have small quantity of people especially for some of the specialized products, how can we attract more people concerned and receive more business cards? After the exhibition, how to well manage the samples if they are not taken back? How to explore new customers without a booth in the fair? Now I would like to combine with some senior foreign trade salesmen’s experience to offer some effective methods to you:

Many people are very interested in how to effectively explore the customers in the fair.

We should take the initiative to look for some opportunities, perhaps it is more worth the waiting. Go to other hall to send out some samples or get some business cards. You can get the business name card if you have good communication with others.

When see people who look at your booth, send them a small gift and then your business card and sample. There were a few customers just take a short look at our booth, my manager went to talk with them, giving them our catalogue and a brief introduction of our company. Then the Middle East customers went back and stayed at our booth for ten minutes, showing interest in our product. Finally, the customers left us their business cards and let us record his intention products. And they also asked for the contact of our small gift manufacturer.

Sometimes, hope or desperation is at the moment of hesitation; if actively strive for it, it will be the opportunity; or it is only disappointment.

In the negotiations, we also need some witty and some sophistry thinking. In fact, customers' saying the poor quality is because they have met the low quality factories and failed on it. It maybe contains more chance.

When meet the situation that when asking the business card of a related company, he said that he was also the factory and no need to contact. We can reply like this:

We are in the same industry but not necessarily the opponent. We have new products coming and some other series of products that you do not have which can just be the complement of your products to strengthen your competitiveness. Then you can receive their business cards and increase their interest in our company. (The results is waiting for verified, but I think that what I said really make sense. )

Even if the product is slightly different but related, do not give up, boldly stepped forward to introduce and then shake ands and get business cards.

B. After finishing the exhibition, if the samples are not taken back, then how to deal with them?  Here are the small stories:

After the exhibition completes, the sample was about to send out to a Italy customer for free.

At 14:00, the customers asked us go their booth, their boss was very interested in our products but they were the manufacturer and were interested in our new products. After talking a lot, he asked many of our factory information. At the end when talking about sending the sample to them, the boss said the sample should be sent to their booth. As it was quite a long distance and the booth was going to evacuate soon. I suddenly thought that our neighbor company had seen our products and praised them which mean they were also interested in our products. So I called the factory boss to talk with them and check whether they want our sample because the Italian customer was not so friendly. So the boss asked the company and they asked for 2 samples, leaving the business card. And there were two samples left, then how to deal with it? Through the same methods, I gave them to a solar hot water company and they showed interest in our products and asked us to send the information to them.

In fact, a lot of opportunities are in front of you which need your wisdom to discover. The most unlikely thing is often the most likely. Believe it or not, anyway, I believe it.

C. Without a booth, how to effectively find the customer in the fair. In fact, you should take the initiative and play it by ear.

1. Go to the find the customer nearby the peer's booth, bringing the one-page product information.

2. Similarly, find your target customers in the similar products booths.

3. Find some beautiful girls to send your company leaflet to the foreigners and ask for the business cards.

Of course, the above methods which are my suggestions, there are many other effective methods in the fair, waiting for your reply.

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