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How to Make A Quotation

Posted by: Jenny | 2017-03-17 13:08:26

Quotation is a kind of document which relates to commercial operation. As a tool of quotation, it is used to reply customers' inquiries. It is related to customers' impression on you and your company. It has a deep function – Speak for you.

A good quotation should contain the following three functions:

1.Provide detailed and normative products information

2.Convenient for customers to make statistics and collect information

3.Convenient for customers to archive them as memo

Format and details which should be noticed:

  1. Put some key contents on main body, such as, quoted price, advantages of company. They are all motivation for customers to open your quotation.

2.The name of quotation must be company's name plus products name. In this way, customers can know what products this quotation mention and which company they come from.

3.Addressee should be clear. We should write: To xx, making time of quotation and validity.

4.We can add our company's logo, name, telephone number, fax number, mailbox and company's ideas and slogan. It can help impress your customers by making you more professional.

5.If allowed, you can write company's introduction on the first part of quotation as well as outstanding advantages such as how many years company has run and which authentication you get. If there are pictures, don't forget to put watermark.

6.Make a chart of quotation. Give clear indication of prices, type, size, brand, warranty period. Of course, terms of payment is also needed.

7.Make some introduction on product USP. Tell customers why your product worths this price.

8.Many companies have the apps which helps place containers. If they do, we can show customers how to place their needed products on the last part of quotation and calculate the containers are needed for them.

9.Provide quotation in at least 2 formats. First, Word document. It is for customers' modification. However, there are differences in Word document version. So we should provide PDF version and we'd better provide image version.

10.Whatever formats of files you provide, you should preview first so that customers can print it the moment they get the quotation.

11.Watch for page layout. We can label different points with different colors of letters. With images, we can make a beautiful quotation.

Types of general quotation are as follows:

It is very common-used quotation. In fact, it gathers product picture, name, type, price, packaging and date of delivery. Customers can see how product looks like as well as its prices which can impress them a lot.

First of all, it makes a comparison between the same products in different time or different products price. It leaves customers with multiple choices. Secondly, it compares your company's quotation with other companies'. However, we should choose the right companies to compare. We'd better choose the leading enterprise of the industry and decide the price according to your product quality and market positioning.

Such quotation not only gives customers your quotation but also some analyzation of the product. Such as foreign markets' standard, required certificate, slack season and busy season and new markets. It contains hints to persuade customers to choose your products so it is used by some veterans.


For example:

HUAWEI P9 (Net price): $599 FOB Shenzhen

Above price including all following items:


(2)Leica camera:

(3)Travel charge:

(4)Leather pouch:

(5)Handsfree kit:

(6)Micro SD & 8 GB Memory Card:

(7)Bluetooth Headset:


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