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How to Improve your Export Ability

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-08-22 17:17:04

Product is the keypoint of foreign trade. From the ancient to now, the ability of appreciating a commodity is always the key attainment of a foreign trade man. Frankly speaking, it means that whether you have good experience in the market and to judge whether the commodity is worthy for export and make a profit.

It is a great lesson to learn about appreciating a goods. Some people may estimate a goods essence while othes can not even make a distinguish between a real one or a fake.

To cultivate this ability, we can start from the following steps:

First, judge the demand of the export area

We can estimate the market demand of the export area from some media such as the local newspaper and the promotion of the local government and enterprise.etc.

Second, we need to clearly know the overall situation of our peer in the same industry

The overall situation of our peer in the same industy reflects the overall demand situation. We can get the basic impression of the demand from the magazine or from chatting or having meeting with  our peer.

Third,cultivate the associative ability

The talented people is always not only smart but also put into prastise.They master the knowledge well and have the associative ability, such as associate the medicine with war, the bandage with medicine.etc.

Fouth,Marketing in Practice 

Doing the foreign trade require to see more, to ask more, to listen more, to thing more and to be care more. For example, when we walking in a high class shopping mall, we can notice the the foreigner's shopping behaviour and communicate with them so that you can know what attracts the customer for purchasing, and which commodity will win the market and you can produce it . Or if you take part in a fair, you can get many information you need if you can fine the right salesman or marketing staff or even specialist in the field that you want to start the business.

Five,share your experience

The knowledge will be more valued and you will be improved by share your experience to others while others can benefit from your sharing too.

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