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How to get the reply?

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-09-05 09:31:53

A few days ago, I developed a Damman customer and he wanted our products. So I sent four emails to him but did not get any reply. And I sent an email to him again yesterday and he finally replied me. It is funny, so I want to share with you.

The first email: Development letter(production information and basic price). Customer: No reply. But I knew he had checked my email.

The second mail: Greeting. Introduced our products latest trend to him and asked whether he had got my email together with the original email. Customer: No reply. But he checked the email.

I felt a little frustrated because he just checked my email but never replied. What's the problem? Our price was very competitive and the effect of development letter was good. But I was sure that he was the potential customer, so I tried again.

The third mail: Said hello to him and asked him whether he had a purchase plan. And I could quote for him. Customer: No reply. I received the email receipt.

I got a little angry. It will be better even just replied me he didn't want to purchase my product. I really wanted to cooperate with him. But I thought I need to give up.

The forth mail: I did not call his name to show my angry. But actually I had no reason to be angry.

Here is my email copy:

Pls reply me,I think that's Courtesy so important if you're a great busniess man.

Thank you


The customer replied:

Dear Ms.Sharon

Good afternoon, have a nice day.

Many many thanks for your e-mail,but I am very sorry to inform your that, I have already placed order one of our supplier from China at USD***/MT on CIF Dammam,Saudi Arabia basis.

If I have some other requirement then I will forward to your.

With best & regards

He replied me a formal mail with his company information and data. Although the result was not good, I also got something.

The fifth email, I replied briefly.

Dear hasan:

So so so so many thanks you can reply me.

I hope we'll have a great co-peration in future.

Best Wishes

My customer replied:

Now I am great businessman ? or not ?? Ha ha ha

This customer was a humorous person. Maybe he was bored with me.

After I read his mail, I smiled but I thought he remembered me and I can get a chance in the future.

It is lonely to do the foreign trade and I often get lost sometimes. Of course it is except for the experienced one.

Sometimes, we need to insist and the chance is in the corner.

There is one more tips: how to make the customer reply you.

If you send a lot development letters without any reply, you can add "Re.Re.Re.Re.Re**super lowest price and detailing COA." in your title.

Similarly, if the inquiry gets no reply, you can add several "re".

I have practiced several times. The customers see so many "Re", they think that you have been contacting with them. Have you got these small tips?


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