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How to get 20 million order one year

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-09-05 09:25:26

When the Internet is not widely used, the export sales contact the customer with telephone and fax. Nowaday, EMAIL, instant messaging tools has brought great convenience to foreign trade business. However, many of the old foreign trade salesman think that the words can not express the full feelings like the phone call. So to establish a good relation with customer, the telephone is necessary.

Recently, I met a "foreign trade goddess" Tina and she has taught me some skills of telephone marketing in foreign trade.

Tina has engaged in foreign trade business for several years and now she works in a food export enterprises. Her annual individual performance reaches ¥20 million. When being asked about the secret of success, she admits that it  is related to many factors, but the promptly telephone contact and communication with the customers will make great effect in the transaction because telephone communication can understand the customer more in-depth and receive customer's prompt reply.

Pick up the phone bravely
A lot of foreign trade salesman, especially some newcomers, often afraid to call foreign customers because they are afraid their poor English can not understand what the customer said or what to say in the call. Fear is the biggest enemy to sales. Therefore, how to overcome the fear of telephone sales is very important.

Keep a normal state of mind is a good way to overcome fear. In fact, if you're brave enough to pick up the phone, your fear will fade away. In the view of this, Tina shared her experience: In the past, she called the familiar customers, asking about the order details. Because they are familiar customers, so you won't feel fear and you know what you need to say, so you don't have to worry about nothing to say in the phone.

"Now, I generally will give the call to the customer when he does not reply my EMAIL or the situation is urgent. Because the phone can solve the problem in time, bringing you a higher efficiency of work." Tina said.

When call the customer, clear purpose is very important. It means you have to clearly know what's your purpose of making this phone call, to let him place the order or explain the order intention? After you confirmed your purpose, you will know what to say and will not say any non sense to bore the customer.

In addition, before making a phone call, you should know the customer's related information. As the saying goes "More preparation may quicken the speed in doing work". If the customer has his company site, you should better open his website first because you may need the information on the site during the communication. And well prepare the pen and paper, noting down the company name, website and the date. All these preparations are to facilitate the quick record in the communication.

Communication skills
Tina thinks that when talking to the foreign trade salesman in the telephone, we should master some skills and pay attention to the problems. Therefore, she divides the situation of telephone communication into the following:

First, when call the familiar customer for the first time, you should greet first, usually asking whether he is busy or not recently or how is the business etc. And then talk the business.

Second, for those who only express the purchase intention, you should not urge them to place an order, but you can talk about the local market situation.

Third, for the stranger that has never been met, you can make a self introduction first and then ask him whether he is free to know about your company and product. If the customer is not free, you can book other time or send an email with the company introduction and product catalogue, and then recommend some products that suit his market.

Fourth, for the customers that have cooperated and called many times, you can talk about the interests, hobbies and family except for the business, but don't ask the privacy.

In addition, for the customers in different countries and area, you should pay attention to some taboos. In some countries, the customers are more stringent and don't like making fun, so you must avoid making him feel you too casual and not serious. Also, India customers do not like to mention money on the phone, so if you want to push the customer remittances, you should send an email.

Tina said, if the reception pick up the call, you should say the whole name of the customer, “Could you mind transferring to xxx, thank you very much.” Otherwise, your call will be easily hung up.

In addition, if you want to build up a close relationship with the customer on the phone, you can talk about some mutual interests or international news but not just be limited to the business.

A lot of foreign trade salesmen use SKYPE to call the foreign customers. But Tina thinks that although it may save much phone charge, the signal in some countries is not particularly good. If talk about the important thing, it would be better to call by phone or send an email.


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