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How to Explain Your Delivery Date

Posted by: Jack | 2016-12-15 14:36:55

It's a pleasure to get the order; however, we've encountered some problems about delivery-though all things were as normal, it still caused delivery delay-how could we avoid these problems?

In general, these factors should be taken into account on delivery, as follow:


This is the most basic and the delivery date schedule is based on the capacity.

2.The procurement of raw materials.

If it affects the production time due to the scarcity or instability of raw materials, the delivery will be affected naturally.

3.The stability of product quality.

The better control products, the higher product percent of pass, so that the delivery date can be on time.

The delivery time is generally stable in our factory. As long as confirm all details, the delivery date will often be around 35-40 days. We usually have plenty of scope for delivery, so it is possible to advance the delivery.

However, there are exceptions, such as when we launch new arrivals or promotion, orders being increased considerably will have influence on the delivery, or suffering influence of the market as well as a lack of some materials, these can create instability of the delivery. In this case, we should take corresponding actions to avoid unnecessary loss.

1.It's a good thing when orders beyond capacity, then factory can install additional production lines to improve productivity.

2.If orders increase considerably because of the busy season or the new arrivals, and it is impossible to improve productivity, then it can't make delivery as usual, so we should make sure the delivery with factory before placing orders, and then confirm the order with customers in order not to cause delay. The orders later are the same, until it feels normal.

3.For customers who have already placed orders, if it is delayed because of the scarcity of raw materials, don't be afraid of taking responsibility, and it is the time to show your integrity. We should take the responsibility bravely, and the approach we choose is what separates success from failure. It is suggested that you should the first time inform your customers and explain the situation, then confirm the time of delivery delay, trying to gain the understanding of the customers. And we should give them a reply on time when the materials return normal, to put the customers at ease. Of course, if the customers don't place the order, we should deal with it according to the second point.

4.If the quality problems lead to deliver delay, we can't shoddy goods for quality goods, on the contrary, we should properly handle it according to actual problems.

Although the delivery delay may lead to compensation, if we take all factors into consideration and confirm with the factory in order to leave enough time before confirm the delivery, we could save a lot of trouble. If we can communicate with the customers at first and explain the reasons why the deliveries delay, many customers can understand.

Production is not a simple thing, but interlocking, so if one is broken, it might lead to different results. Therefore, we should consider comprehensively when we confirm the delivery with our customers.

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