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How to classify the customers

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-08-30 15:57:28

The growing vigorously Fair in the first period is coming to a close, have you reap the desired record? Facing the well-behaved U.S. customers, the generous Middle East customers, as well as smart and intelligent Chinese customers, how do you handle? How do you classify the different customers? Here, I would like to teach you how to classify the customers after the Fair.

1. The customers that have signed the contract.
You should send the detail information he requested and then ask him to open the L/C or send the deposit. But these customers that have signed the contract with you do not mean they will surely give you the order. It is very common that some customers may pass the order to other suppliers with the lower price or better item after signing the contract with you. Or because of the market changes, they change the decision or cancel the order. In their view, contract is like the PI which is only a form. So for these customers, you must be careful to communicate. Once he does not open the L/C or not arrange the deposit, you should pay attention and communicate with him immediately to check whether there is any problem and then take action. May be you can regain the order or customers because of your appropriate measures.

2. The customers that have intention to place order.
It's a bit like online inquiry. You can only determine the potential extent of the customer from communication. Generally speaking, the more detail and terms they ask the more chance you get. For these customers, you should contact them in time after coming back and send all the related information to him and immediately arrange the sample. Some of these customers may disappear after sending sample and the most common reason is that they do not choose your company after receiving your products or the market changes etc. But do not give up. Keep in touch and recommend the new products to him in time. There are still opportunities for cooperation in the future.

3.The customers that have problems with certain terms or prices.
Even if you decide that you can do according to their requirements, do not compromise immediately. You should first send a message or make a phone call to check the situation and then make a decision. If the customer compromises, then you will success. If he insists in his decision, then you can compromise.

4、The customers that require to send the data.
Send the detailed information according to what they require.

5. The customers that just have casual look and ask.
In the Canton fair, some customers just go for a casual check of your goods and maybe they are testing the market. These customers can contact with their business cards. If there is the website on the card will be better so that you can visit their website first and check their background, seeing what products they do and then send them the information according to different conditions. Maybe the products that you haven’t brought to the fair are their main products.

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