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How to avoid the aquatic products export risk

Posted by: Jack | 2016-09-01 10:56:10

With the increase of China's aquatic product exports, the foreign countries repeatedly set up the technical barriers. So how to avoid the risk? Now,I will tell some skills for the majority of aquatic products export enterprises.

There are four ways to avoid the risk:
First, the enterprises should organize the production and international trade with general international standards and well prepare the quality certification of aquatic product as soon as possible and grasp the import requirements and assessing standards of the export state, protecting and developing yourselves with the rules.

Second, we should pay attention to the development trend of international aquaculture and avoid foreign technical barriers and adopt diversified production, multi-level processing and multi-channel export, expanding the export territory in the aspects of comprehensive development and utilization of aquatic products in low-value, processing of high-quality aquatic products, compound aquatic food, health care aquatic products, beautify aquatic food and so on.

Third, we should extensively use advanced technology and enhance the product additional value and quality level and also improve the product international market competitiveness from breeding, cultivation, harvesting, processing, packaging, preservation technology and equipment.

Fourth, we should get out of the workshops management of traditional aquaculture enterprise, building up a national or international brand. We should implement the brand strategy, cultivating outstanding professionals including management, marketing and international trade and strengthening self-discipline and improving overall management level.

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