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How to Invite Your Customers for Canton Fair

Posted by: Jenny | 2017-04-04 12:44:40

When there is an exhibition, how can we inform customers and write a proper invitation letter to them?

5 procedures to invite customers to take part in an exhibition:

1.We can invite them and tell them the specific address of the exhibition half month before the exhibition.

2.We can call customers and ask them if they are available for the exhibition half month before the exhibition.

3.Ask customers when they will leave for the exhibition and if they need some help to make travel arrangements.

4.A week before the exhibition, we should contact customers using phone, email and message to tell them the location of exhibition and our contacts. We should try to get customers' phone numbers in China in order to confirm the exact date of exhibition.                          

5.If customer doesn't show up on exhibition, we can dial him and try our best to invite him to exhibition room.

Do's and don'ts when writing invitation letters:

1.Don't plagiarize

Some people plagiarize model essay on the internet and only change the name and exhibition address. It is insincere to do that. The customers have received thousands of invitation letters and they may have seen such similar letters for too many times. If we can write it with sincerity and greet them, especially mention something about last conversation, they will be impressed.  You can write a good invitation letter by this.


2.Enclosed with traffic route

We can attach traffic route to invitation letters. Even though the customers are very familiar with the exhibition and its location, it will be great if you can do it.


3.Pay attention when inviting customers

Exhibitor has more than one commercial agent in an area. So we should pay extra attention when inviting these customers. Because they might be competitors. So we can invite one to take part in the exhibition on morning with the other one in the afternoon.


4.Attach ichnography

Attaching ichnography to invitation letter makes it easier for customers to find the booth. Sponsor will provide ichnography so we can download and duplicate it with invitation letter.


5.Remind customers of weather

The customers who come to visit exhibition come from all over the world. They aren't familiar with exhibition place. If exhibitors can tell customers the details of weather on invitation letter, with some useful tips, they are thoughtful for customers. For example, Guangzhou is humid when spring trade fair is held so we can remind them of bringing more clothes in case that the clothes can't dry.


Template 1:

Dear XXX

How are you?

        This is XXX from XXX company, specializing in manufacture and sale XXX products, such as : Product A , Product B, Product C, Product D, Product E and so on .

        Now I am writing for inviting you to have a look at our exhibition stand in Guangzhou, China --The 115th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair). Our booth No. is XXX.

        We will show a great variety of our products here, suitable for worldwide well-known bands. We believe there will be some items attracting you. Meanwhile, I think it will be a good opportunity to communicate with you face to face.

       If you couldn't attend this exhibition, welcome to visit our  website: www.abcd.com for more details.

        We sincerely hope to see you at canton fair and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,


Template 2:

Dear XXX,


        We hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth at         from               as the             is coming.

         Our company is a professional 产品. We specialize in designing and manufacturing . We constantly update models and develop new products. Providing every customer superior quality products at competitive price.

       It would be a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition. We expect to establish long-term business relations with your company in future.

Exhibition Center : 

Booth Number : 

Date :  


Yours sincerely,


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