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How exhibitions stop you?

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-08-30 10:22:35

Many companies are confused by various kinds of exhibitions. If go, it may not have effect. If not, it may lose the opportunities. Sometimes we go there following up the peer. So how to be targeted? Here I will share with you how to choose the exhibitions.

1 .Clarify your company position

First of all, carry out the corporate, product and market positioning rationally. Only in this way can you communicate with the foreign buyers face to face. In selecting the show, you should choose according to the company positioning including the enterprise positioning: the trades and professions field, whether it is factories, traders, or a combination of industry and trade, and profit mode.

The Product Positioning: which grade do your current product belongs to? Is the low-end products, labor-intensive products, environmental pollution or high added value technology product? Do they have a unique selling point and how is the quality of products and the certification? What about the OEM, ODM capability?

Market Customer Orientation: determining their market and customer standards.

The types of customers: retail outlets, wholesalers, importers, distributors, OEM suppliers, manufacturers and so on.

The ability that the customers should have: experience, industry knowledge, certification requirements, professional product knowledge.

Regional and characteristics of customers: Europe, Japan, Korea, South America, Middle East, Hong Kong and Taiwan or Southeast Asia, as well as related market customers purchasing habits.

Identify the target market, the distinction sales model: export agent, product quality, customer purchase or distribution channels.

Special requirements of main market customer: OEM capability, certification requirements, development, delivery, and communication.

Only when you clarify the above positioning can you choose the suitable exhibitions. And you should confirm the exhibition combining with your company situation. If you have never been to the professional exhibition, it is suggested that you should visit or join the exhibition together with the experienced import and export company or trade company. In addition, many international professional exhibition have come to China, so you should participate in international exhibitions held in the country, gaining experience and then go to foreign exhibitors.

2 .Clarify the nature of the show

After determine the company, market and product positioning, you can screen and assess the nature of various types of show, in order to make a return on investment choices. The current exhibition is divided into international development and domestic development. Some exhibit has a wide range, such as the comprehensive exhibition, while others were confined to a particular industry professional exhibition; Some exhibitions focus on corporate image and product display, while others focus on trade exchanges; some exhibition open to the public and consumers while some only for the professional visitors and buyers.

We as an exhibitor must understand the nature and scope, and then focus on selection. Many export enterprises, especially small and medium export enterprises usually ignore the nature of the exhibition.

Exhibition is divided into fair trade exhibition, consumer exhibitions and comprehensive exhibition. Fair -trade exhibition refers to Business to Business (B2B), which is for manufacturers, import and export companies, trading companies, importers, distributors, wholesalers and other trade fairs and exhibitions, offering the platform for buyers and sellers exchanging trading to communicate. Fair trade exhibition is divided into professional exhibition, industry exhibition and integrated exhibition according to the industry.

If you want to seek a distributor or agent for your products, you should participate in appropriate professional exhibition; If you want to sell some new products, you can rent a small booth in the professional show, making face to face contact with salesmen and product specialists; If you want to establish the product image in a country, you should participate in the exhibition area to build large special decoration booth. These are the main properties of the exhibition for our suppliers and traders.

Consumer Exhibition refer to the Business to Consumer (B2C), facing the consumers directly to consumers. It is the exhibition for retailers and the public. It mainly shows the consumer goods, aiming for the direct sales.

Comprehensive Exhibition refers to that have both trade and consumer exhibitions properties. It is also opened to the public and consumers of professional buyers. Such exhibitions currently in the country or in some developing countries are relatively many. They are more tempted to sell under the contract to attend the fair. They only know that there are only 500 booths for sell among the 3000 booths when they come to the scene. And there are only a handful of professional buyers and the final result is failure.

3.Evaluate the content of comprehensive exhibition, industry exhibition and professional exhibition.

The trade exhibition is divided into comprehensive exhibition,industry exhibition and professional exhibition. Comprehensive exhibition refers to the exhibitions that include a number of industry-wide or industry exhibition, also called Horizontal exhibitions, such as: Chian Fair, East China Fair, Light Show, which are associated with the industry.

Industry exhibition refers to an industry showcase, such as: Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair, Cologne Hardware Show, and the Consumer Electronics Show.

Professional exhibition refers to a particular product exhibitions, such as: audio-visual equipment exhibition, printing equipment exhibition, which lock in a profession industry.

The features of the professional exhibition are providing exchange platform, such as seminars and lectures to introduce new products and technologies. The modern convention and exhibition industry becomes increasingly specialized, so the same industry can be detailed to more specialized exhibition.

It is suggested that the exhibitors should select a professional exhibition or trade show, focusing on the content of the show, industry and so on. If for the comprehensive exhibition, you must choose the industry that are related to the company professional product.

4.Assess the scale of the show and concern the buyers quality.

You can consider from the following aspect:

The regional that the exhibitors represent: International Exhibition - global exhibitors, such as: the United States Consumer Electronics Show ("CES"); National Exhibition - exhibitors of the country, such as the Fair; regional exhibition - a regional exhibitors, such as EAST CHINA FAIR; local Show - exhibitors in a place, such as: China Yiwu gifts, household goods exhibition; single company's exclusive exhibition.

Quality of professional buyers: the number and position of registered buyers and invited buyers, the target market, countries and regions, the essence of the professional audience, the proportion of the manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, retail chain and procurement offices.

Exhibition area and hall category: How many square meters of the exhibition area, the number of standard booths, special booth, and how many large professional exhibition. Meanwhile, we should concern about the exhibition and sales order status.

The correlation with enterprise: How about the relation with the products show and professional show? How is the industry association? Is there professional buyers we need? How many number of peers exhibitors? Whether to set up a professional exhibition hall? Is there a professional seminar ?

5. Concern the participation of peers and competitors

When choosing the exhibitor, the exhibitor should pay attention to the following information: Is there the representative firm of the peer? Is there any competitor? How is the quantity of the competitor? How are their status? How many times they have been the exhibition? How is the area and location of the booth? Compared with the last exhibition, is it larger or smaller?

The above information can be obtained separately from the show site, the previous and the current Show Guide and media reports. These informations are critical, and they are the key factors of deciding whether to participate in the show.

6. Understand the time and place of the shows

We must also understand the exhibition schedule before choosing the exhibition, which include the buyers purchase period, our products updated life cycle and the duration and frequency of the exhibition.

Buyer's purchasing period: For professional exhibition, the exhibition time is very important. General professional industry exhibition will be organized in the industry buyers purchasing season. The annual April to May and September to October is known as the buyer sourcing season, also a hot season of the global professional industry exhibition. Our business should be well prepare staff and exhibits before this time.

Product life cycle: every product has the period of development, maturity and decline. Exhibit efficiency has a definite link with product life cycle. For general products, in the new product stage, the show has a multiplier effect; in the mature stage, the effect may be less effective while into the recession stage, the exhibition is often fruitless.

Location: The ultimate goal is to participate in the exhibition and sell the product to the region through the exhibition, so you must research whether the place of fairs and the surrounding areas are your target market and whether there is a potential purchasing power or not. And whether the area is conducive to our new product launch and promotion and whether the show can become a professional exchange platform.

7 . Assess the awareness of the exhibition and the times.

We can assess the exhibition popularity from his holding history and times. Today, every industry has already formed its own global visibility of the exhibition, and also called industry exhibition. Industry Exhibition has become the platform that the industry buyers and suppliers will go, which is hard to find a good booth. The higher the visibility of the show, the more attracted exhibitors and buyers, the greater the likelihood of turnover.

8. Assess the professional services of organizers

Currently the organizers are divided into two categories: one is that the supporters of every year regularly targeted exhibition, and the other is that the professional exhibition organizers with media and marketing experience but no professional exhibition. No matter what type he is, the key is to understand the exhibition organizers of the show. For exhibitors, the core values of the organizers is to provide professional services of exhibition.

Services typically include pre-show publicity and preparation of the exhibition, the consulting about the exhibition, participation procedures; services during the exhibition, security, transportation, construction and seminars; The after services is the most easily overlooked in many exhibitions, also is the most important which aim at providing exhibitors exhibition information, statistics, professional audience analysis and so on and provide effective services and market-oriented business for exhibitors to maintain good business relations.

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