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Find Your Potential Customers

Posted by: Jack | 2016-12-15 14:32:43

Potential customers refer to those who have demand on what the sales people sell and have the purchasing ability. Then how should sales people distinguish the potential customers during asking questions?

In the development stage of sales, you cannot ask your customers the following questions:

(1)"Are you serious of the service provided by us?"

(2)"Are you just negotiating with us for a free counsel?"

Sales people who ask these questions are silly. If you want to make the situation clear, you should get to know the situation by the formal and wise questions which are in according with the trade usage. 

1.Raise the questions of background.

This kind of questions can help sales people know more about their potential customers' background and their daily operation which will provide sales people the information about their customers they need. 

2.Raise the questions of expectation.

Aims at helping customers solving the difficulties they are facing with and getting to know how to solve and solve in which way. Raising the questions of expectation is mainly for the following purposes: 

(1)To know the disturbing problem, you can ask: "Mr. Xu, since you could not confirm which kind of wooden floor you will buy, could you please tell me what hue you will prefer for your ideal home environment and woodiness?" 

(2)To know the limitation problem, you can ask: "Mr. Xu, when choosing our sandalwood/reinforcement floor, could you please tell me what maintenance we should obey to play its usability better?"

(3)To know the ideal problem, you can ask: "Mr. Xu, if you choose one from our gifts, you choose the gift pack or the foot tub?"

(4)To know the challenging problem, you can ask: "Mr. Xu, as a successful leader in your industry, on villa repair how to consider the whole decorating style and how to decorate the floor, wall and ceiling?" 

(5)To know the expectation problem, you can ask: "Mr. Xu, thanks for your feedback and suggestions, and they are of great help to the development of our floor. Any other requirements should we know?"

Raise the questions of expectation disclose the background, obsession, limitation, change and whole expectation of potential customers. When seeking the information, you must talk something about your company such as how to do, or the pleasant experiences and satisfactory results on the cooperation with other customers or the process of using your products and services. Don't ask directly that seems as if it is the investigation or the court's interrogation. You must give the customer the impression like you are chatting with him, that is full of the back-and-forth question and answer, which is a pleasant and fruitful experience no matter for you and the customer. 

3.Raise questions of hypothesis.

This kind of questions aims at helping the customer understand the results if these questions or expectations won't be resolved, which makes the potential customers take the matter seriously. 

4.Raise the questions of test.

Because the potential customers have admitted their needs and recognized the results if no handling, then you can make sure what extent they need from your help through these questions. 

Experts Tips

Sales staff should be flexible enough, only in this way can you better at raising questions on distinguishing your potential customers. If they are angry and refuse to answer your questions, it is a warning signal given insufficient attention for you, and it also shows that the customers don't complete the deal without genuine goodwill, and they are not willing to provide you the information about this aspect.   

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