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Facing Customers, Hold Your Principles

Posted by: Jack | 2017-01-03 17:27:51

I always treated customers as God, fearing of not getting orders or canceling orders of customers. As a consequence, I was passive even in a dilemma when there were conflicts against company benefits. A saying goes that people will grow after experiences. I became more mature through the experience relating to a customer of my boss.

That was a customer from Bangladesh getting well with my boss for many years. So I should satisfy him on everything, I thought.

Actually, if he was a new customer, we weren't willing to accept such order for it is non-profit. But we supported each other for our friendship's sake. We accepted the order and managed to the production. 

In the beginning, the customer cooperated with me well. He was sentimental so sometimes he would blame me with coarse language. Or he might cancel this order if I disobeyed his idea.

At first, I felt nervous because it was a blunder to annoy or offend customers especially my boss'friend.

I couldn't bear with the excessive demands went too far and I asked my boss for help. My boss didn't blame me but supported me to communicate with customers in this way. She told me that the customer just frightened me when she saw the chatting records.

It was true that my communication skills were not mature in this case. That was our bargain chip that the customer was our leader's friend when communicated with him. But I was the passive party on negotiation due to my uncertain control. Furthermore, some special requirements mentioned by this customer but never by others were our bargain chips as well because we meet his demands in particular. But I just followed without my own ideas.

I became more mature after this order. An outstanding salesman should have excellent negotiation skills as well as strong psychological quality.

Meet the needs of customers meanwhile we should guide them properly because customers are God. Inform customers of what you cannot do and guide them what we can do or particularly do for them. In this way, customers may be willing to accept when they think that they can get benefits. Customers may appreciate your honesty and are worry-free for your intelligence. It is more acceptable for customers if the salesman can meet customers in guidance than directly refuse or meet.

We should always convey the advantages given by our companies to customers instead of making endless concessions and let customers regard it as a good bargain in their minds. It is a real win when win-win for both sides.

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