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Decompression method for salesmen

Posted by: Jack | 2016-08-27 15:32:18

With the more and more ntensified social competition, the pressure of foreign trademen also increase. Long time hard work and perseverance can not reward the orders most of the  time, getting disheartened. I have nearly ten years experience in foreign trade and I would like to share some experience with you, teaching you how to reduce the pressure.

1.Do not be self-partiality. Self-partiality often aim too high, feeling himself very special and nothing can overcome him. But once starting the job, he finds it worse, and  the pressure will suddenly become larger. Remember that you are an ordinary people and you will meet the difficulties as others do. How can you achieve the goals suddenly while  others have to get it with long time hard work.

2.Don't care too much about the first time of getting the order. Different products need different time to develop the market. Different foundation of the company cause the  different speed of the accumulation of customers. So don't compare with others blindly.

3.The saying of lost order is actually not precise. The customer is yours, how to say lost? So you have to think in this way: if you get the order, you earn, if not, it is even  but earn more experience.

4.Do not only see the achievements of others, but to see his hardworking and skills. Only see the achievements, you will prone to be self-abasement. If you see the hardwork  behind the success, you  will know the success not comes easily and mysteriously. As long as you work hard, can you also be one of it.

5.Do not afraid of getting no inquiries after registering the B2B. Do you begin receiving the spam? it means you can be searched which is the first progress to make customers  see you, so you can wait for windfalls.

6. Do not be afraid of no orders. The more you lose, the more you get. As I started to do a product, I met difficulties everywhere, wrong package, lower cost of the peer,  bigger container. So I learned to understand the prices of my peers; If the price is high, I will learn to do the market survey.

7.Maintain good office relationship. Although you don't have intimate friends, do not be isolated. Or the repressive atmosphere will make you feel more pressure.

8.Keep the table clean. Don't put the file too high to block your eyesight .

9.Keep small plants. It will be lively with a little green around you.

10. Set an easy achieving goal every morning. For example, register 20 sites and send 100 messages, day by day, you will get a large outbreak.

11.If it is allowed, you can listen to some music, soothing mood.

12.To compare people within the industry with you. Do not always regard the one who is better than you, but see the worse one. 

Therefore, you should catch the opportunity and relax yourself. Even if the job is not as your imagination, be open-minded to all possibilities. Who knows the future. Maybe you  will enjoy it.

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