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Dealing with sending samples

Posted by: Jenny | 2016-09-19 13:04:48

As a salesman, we have to deal with the sample. Then how could we identify the valued demand of the sample correctly? How should we deal with the demand of customers' sending samples? And how should we deal with the communication situation with the customers after sending the samples. The following information may be helpful.

1. Be familiar with your products.

In the work of doing foreign trade export, it is quite necessary for us to be very familiar with our own products including the structure, function, parameter, technology and so on. However when face the customer's inquiry, it is the most important to judge the truth or falsehood of the inquiry.

I can judge that the following inquiries may be true by my experience:

(1)The customer asks for the inquiry of a product, he or she will specify it the packaging quantity, specification, packaging, place of origin, quality standard, time of shipment, relative certification, port of destination and so forth.

(2)The customer mentions a product which is not in your catalogue or on your company's website but asks whether you can supply it. In the meanwhile the customer offers the information about the style, color and other aspects of the similar products.

(3)The customer asks for a product that your company can exactly supply, attaching photos, target price and other such kind of details.

2. Deal with customer's demand of sending samples flexibly.

(1). As for some new customers who give the first inquiry, we can inform them that the samples can be sent at any time. But for some companies, the customers are required to share the courier fee, such as providing an account for freight at destination.

Before sending the samples we should take photos first and send to the customers for check as the reference for customer's order. And after the customer confirms, then send out the sample.

We should check the sample's quality, appearance and function repeatedly. If your samples have faults, how could you make your customers believe that you can do well for a large order. This way will make some difference to those customers who really want do start a business.

(2). You should try to flexibly know well about the sending samples condition according to customers' conditions. No matter whether you can make a deal, you should make sure that the quality of products is recognized by customers. The company spends more on one sample than on the large order. So to conclude a deal is the work after sending samples.

However, we must be careful during the process of sending samples. We are afraid of losing the potential customers if we don't send the samples while we are worried about losing the contact with customers after sending the samples. So we can deal with this problem with the following rules:

(1). Ask customers to bear the freight fee, especially for fast freight.

(2). Ask valid information about customers' company and their business situation more than just  a simple email for samples.

(3). If the products are highly valued or in large amount, it is necessary to ask the customer to pay half the freight fee which is free to the long-term customers without doubt.

(4). After sending the samples, keep contact with the customers regularly so that we can make sure their various demands of samples' quality and appearance. This is the purpose of sending the samples.

3. Contact with the customers after sending the samples.

Before sending the samples, we should make more connections with the customers such as to make sure the address again, to send the courier receipt after sending out or to send the email of the situation of the courier tracking with simplifying contents. All we do is for deepening customer's impression on us. 

After the samples sent out, we should keep eyes on the delivery condition. After sending the sample and before customers receive the sample, it is better to send a letter to inform customers where the samples have been delivered. After customers sign the samples, you should immediately send an email to make sure whether the package is damaged and ask about customers, opinion about the sample and so forth. Although even if the samples are damaged, the customers usually will not demand for compensation, what you have done can show your responsible attitude. It is necessary for you to have patience in following and inquiring the delivery condition after sending out the sample. Above all, the sample is valued only when the customers can tell the truth and give out some effective feedback information. Sample is the beginning our cooperation with the customers, so sending the samples well holds a decisive effect on the final deal. The most important thing of sending samples is to pay attention to the details. Details with your patience is the decisive factor for the success of failure. I hope the above informations are helpful to you all.

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